Red Retweeter? I hardly even know her!

This is pretty much our reaction to Twitter this week, too. - USA TODAY Sports

We follow Reds-associated Twitter accounts so you don't have to!

When Unfunny Memes Get Worse

We all like a good laugh. As a matter of fact, that's reason half of us are on Twitter (snark notwithstanding, but we'll get to that later in the post). However, there are some accounts that simply try too hard. A perfect example of this is the dude/dudette/mineral that runs the @CatLatos account. For clarification, Mat Latos has a cat named Cat Latos; which is perfectly cutelarious by itself. @CatLatos, on the other hand, is a twitter account alleging to be the Cat and is not run, endorsed, or directly associated with anyone in the Latos family. Instead of tweeting about cat-like things like purposefully missing the litter box and staring at people while they sleep, @CatLatos has decided make the bulk of its Twitter correspondence about denigrating people who woo at the ballpark. If you can do this while simultaneously being funny, go for it. However, somewhere this week, someone confused hilarious with profoundly offensive. Seriously, whomever this guy is just needs to stop. As Jim Day would say, "it's not funny; it's never been funny."

Yep. This just about sums it up perfectly.

And now for something completely different, a parody account that's actually funny:


Our own btcoop71 has become the subject of column inches (inches, I tell you!) written by Paul Daugherty this week. Earlier this week, P-Doc decided it'd be a grand idea for the Bengals to sign Timothy Richard Tebow:

In response, btcoop retorted with a not entirely sophisticated response:

What in the actual (expletive) is wrong with you?

In reply:

And a Tweet-war isn't finished until there are snarky subtweets!


The Real Reason Why Joey Votto Is Not On Twitter

It's not a series in St. Louis without a quality BP troll:




C.Trent, a man of the people:

A Country Boy Can Surviiiiiiive . . . just not on Twitter.


Our Mantra:

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