Red Reporter NCAA Pool Update - You know who looks smart right now? The 3 people who put Michigan in the Final 4

So, no one saw Syracuse or Wichita State coming. Those who picked Louisville to win it all are currently have the best shot at winning this, but one person in particular has an advantage - The Mighty Mighty Madville, who is the only player left with a chance to have his championship game come true - Louisville over Michigan. ManBearPig and Slyde also put Michigan in the Final Four, but predicted them to fall to Miami.

Proslambaohfuckthis (Heeringa) is currently in the lead with 109 points. However, he is also stuck on 109 points, as he has no more possible winners. A win is still possible, but he really needs Louisville to fall to Wichita State.

Buy my book please (our former fearless leader, Slyde J. Luckhaupt, Esq.) is running second at 108 points. I imagine if he finishes second the fight song I have to sing will be this

I am currently in third place, but I can score no more, so I will likely drop out of the money. It is a shame, because there is no one I would rather buy a beer for than myself.

Fourth place is currently a big tie between Derek, Graham, and the Red Menace, but Derek has a distinct advantage as he chose Louisville as his champion, while the other two chose Florida.

The highest possible score belongs to Mads, who by my calculation will automatically win the pool if Michigan defeats Syracuse. If Michigan wins and Louisville loses, he gains the only 13 points to be earned in the Final Four, and moves into first, and no one will pick the title game correctly. If both UM and Louisville win, he gains 26 points (no one else adds more than 13), moves into first place, and wins regardless of the outcome of the championship game.

A loss by Michigan opens up other possible winners. A UL win with a Michigan loss will put Slyde in first place and Derek in 2nd, with the championship game deciding the overall winner between those two (Derek picked UL, Slyde did not). If both UL and Michigan lose, the current standings will hold, and Mr. Impossibletospell will take the title, and the book.

Here are the potential standings:

Scenario 1: UM wins, UL loses (aka "The Best Scenario"):

1st: Mads

2nd: Heeringa

3rd: Slyde

4th: Me

Scenario 2: UM Wins, UL wins, UM wins title (aka "The Even Better Scenario"):

1st: Mads

2nd: Slyde

3rd: tie between Derek, Graham, and Red Menace (everyone gets 2 beers)

Scenario 3: UM wins, UL wins, UL wins title (aka "Fuck this Scenario"):

1st: Mads

2nd: Derek

3rd: Farney

4th: ManBearPig

Scenario 4: UM loses, UL wins, UL loses title (aka "The Singing Scenario"):

1st: Slyde

2nd: Tie between Derek, Graham, and Red Menace (I will need to take voice lessons)

Scenario 5: UM loses, UL wins, UL wins title (aka "Also Fuck this Scenario but not quite as much"):

1st: Derek

2nd: Farney

3rd: Tie between Mads and ManBearPig

Scenario 6: UM and UL both lose (aka "We are all Morons Scenario")

Standings remain as they currently are.

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