Red Reposter: Power outages & a skirmish in San Diego

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers' Zack Greinke is out with a broken collarbone after last night's melee in San Diego.

True Blue LA: When will the power resurface for Votto and Adrian?

Phil Gurnee looks at the prolonged power outages from Adrian Gonzalez and Joey Votto. Gonzalez actually homered last night in a 3-2 win for the Dodgers over the Padres, so that changes the facts, but not the premise of the post. A Q&A with Pete Rose on the 50th anniversary of his MLB debut

Coming on the heels of an excellent interview of Rose from Jonah Keri, Gabriel Baumgaertner gives us another good chat with the Hit King. Baumgaertner avoids any mention of Rose's current doings, instead focusing on Charlie Hustle's major league debut. First week impressions of all 30 teams

Cliff Corcoran reviews each team's early performance. I wouldn't take any of this too seriously given the fact we're talking about nine games for teams and 40 at-bats for players at this point. Voros' Law is in full effect.

Shin-Soo Choo leads the Reds with a .467 on-base percentage and has scored four of their 11 runs thus far this season. The most significant of those came in the bottom of the ninth on Wednesday. With the game tied 4-4, Choo was hit by a pitch, was bunted to second and scored on a single by Joey Votto.

Before you complain that getting hit by a pitch isn't evidence of an ability to get on base, Choo has been in double-digits in HBPs in each of his three full seasons in the majors, averaging 13 per 162 games on his career and currently leads the majors having been hit twice in Cincinnati's opening series against the Angels. Designated hitters for everybody

Jayson Stark discusses how constant interleague play will eventually lead to the National League adopting the designated hitter. There have been a couple of other columns like this one recently. I'm not sure if people are hearing rumblings from within baseball or if they are just seeing writing on the wall. Part of me feels as if the DH in NL games in inevitable, but I also know how much of a stink anti-DH fans are willing to make. Whenever I read columns or comments discussing the issue, my impression is that the pro-DH contingent prefers the DH, but can live with pitchers hitting. Those are my feelings as well. I find it relatively boring to watch pitchers hit and fail to see the great strategy about which so many people clamor (ooh, the double switch). However, anti-DH fans have the tendency to froth at the mouth about the issue and threaten to stop watching baseball if the NL adopts the DH. I think the DH will eventually come to the NL, but I'm already dreading the parade of columns lamenting the death of baseball.

Scully sorts out the commotion

In case you missed it, there was quite a donnybrook during last night's game between the Dodgers and the Padres. Zack Greinke plunked Carlos Quentin (everybody hits Carlos Quentin), who promptly charged the mound. I recommend that you watch the video if you have the time. The entire incident warrants viewing, and VIn Scully's commentary is masterful as per usual. Unfortunately, Greinke suffered a broken collarbone in the fight and will likely miss six to eight weeks.

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