We's gone get silly bitches

I was thinking the other day, "What could make a Reds game even more enjoyable." Since I am a college student, there is no doubt in my mind that anything can be made better by turning it into a drinking game! So I searched RR and the internet for a good one (and borrowed some of their ideas), but couldn't really find a complete list, so I humbly present to you, the FSN-Ohio Reds drinking game.

The only rule to this game is you can never have an empty drink.

One Sip:

Thom says "all of a sudden..."

Thom says "right down the can" (or some variation)

Thom says "Big League" in any context

Thom calls "Lazy fly ball" or any variation

Thom says or calls something "ugly"

Anyone mentions the weather

Cowboy mentions food

George Grande says "Hi, hello, and welcome"

Welsh talks about his playing days

Dusty's toothpick is shown

*You get annoyed with Thom/ he sounds condescending (not for the light hearted - but makes games more enjoyable)

Two Sips:

Cowboy mentions Skyline, Montgomery Inn, Greaters or UDF by name (That's 2+1 see above)

Thom says "boy oh boy"

Thom mentions his Dad (Marty)

Thom bashes Bruce

Thom says "fascinating", "fascinated", etc...

Welsh disagrees with Thom

Grande's voice cracks

Thom butchers someone's name

Any mention of the Big Red Machine

Sean Casey says "Brother!"

Grande calls Bruce "Belmont Bomber" (Finish if its is game winning HR)

Half Your Drink:

Sean Casey visits the booth

Any mention of 90's world series team

Any mention of the 2010 Cardinals Brawl

Charlie Sheen sighting

Pete Rose sighting (finish if he is dressed like Elton John)

Uncle Walter sighting (finish if he is wearing a yellow polo)

Finish Your Drink:

Sean Casey mentions "crushing" some skyline/Greaters

Thom mentions his time with Arizona

Thom talks about football or some other irrelevant sport

"Billy, Billy, Billy"

Any mention of the 2015 All Star Game

Welsh's bow tie has more than 3 colors in it



Slyde's real name is mentioned

Redreporter is mentioned

If you have any suggestions or ideas just comment or whatever.

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