A Game of Sheep and Wolves, Red Reporter edition


Attention all fun havers: I am pleased to present to you the first ever Red Reporter edition of "Sheep and Wolves". A Sheep and Wolf game is a trivia-like game, but with a twist. Think of it as sort of a bastard child of Family Feud and Jeopardy. The object is just as much about trying to think with and out think your fellow players as it is about getting the right answers. This Red Reporter edition will feature questions united around a theme of the Cincinnati Reds and general baseball knowledge. Stay with me here, as I will attempt to explain the workings of the game.

Two types of questions are posed in this game, one type is dubbed "Sheep" and the other "Wolf".


In answering Sheep questions, the object is to give an answer that you think the other players will also give. In other words, you want to try to match your answer with as many other players' answers as possible (like being a mindless sheep, baaaaaah). The more answers that match in Sheep questions, the better your score.

Let's look at an example,
Say we have a game of six players, A through F, and our Sheep question is:

S: "Name a terminally unlucky MLB team."

Let's say our six players answered the following:
Player A: Cubs
Player B: Cubs
Player C: Cubs
Player D: Cubs
Player E: Rangers
Player F: Rangers

The number of points awarded will vary from question to question, depending on the number of answers that match. In the above example, Players A, B, C, and D all matched "Cubs" thus players A, B, C, and D will each receive 4 points (4 answers matched). Likewise, players E and F matched "Rangers" thus players E and F will each receive 2 points (2 answers matched). If your answer does not match another player's answer, you receive zero points. There is no such thing as a wrong answer to a Sheep question.


The object in answering a Wolf question is the exact opposite of answering a Sheep question. In answering a Wolf question, you want your answer to be unique among all the other answers. That is, you want to try to give an answer that will not match any other players' answers (like being a lone wolf). However, be careful not to get too obscure or creative in trying to come up with a unique answer, because unlike Sheep questions, wrong answers to Wolf questions will be penalized.

Let's look at an example,
Using the same players as in the previous example, except this time they answer a Wolf question:

W: "Name a player who hit 40 or more home runs in the 2012 regular season."

And our six players answered like this:
Player A: Ryan Braun
Player B: Ryan Bruan
Player C: Miguel Cabrera
Player D: Miguel Cabrera
Player E: Josh Hamilton
Player F: Jay Bruce

Just as in scoring Sheep questions, the number of matches determines the score, except scores of Wolf questions are negative numbers. Remember, you don’t want to have any matches on Wolf questions, so matches will count against your score. Scoring to the answers given above to the Wolf question would go like so: Players A and B matched "Ryan Braun" thus A and B each receive -2 points. Players C and D matched "Miguel Cabrera" thus also each receive -2 points. Player E said "Josh Hamilton", a unique and correct answer, thus player E is not deducted any points. Player F said "Jay Bruce" which is also unique, but unfortunately is an incorrect answer. Player F will receive -3 points. An incorrect answer to a Wolf question will score one point below the most common answer given for a particular question.

So you ready to give it a shot?


20 questions (listed below) have been uploaded into an easy to use internet form that you can access here: ENTRY FORM Simply type your answer into the box for each question, taking care to note which are marked as Sheep and which are marked as Wolf (they alternate as you go down the list), then hit submit when you're done. Pro tip: You will not be able to pause, save, or otherwise recall your answers once you submit your entry, so it is suggested that you work out your answers before you begin to fill out the entry form.

Please refrain from using google, bbref, fangraphs, etc…try to only use the knowledge already in your head. No, you will not be penalized for getting help from the internet, but all contestants reserve the right to heap scorn and ridicule upon your head if the obvious use of internet resources is detected. I'm thinking 20-30 players will make for a lively game. Answers and results will be revealed in the comments section after entries are closed. Good luck!

The questions:

  1. S: You are at an MLB game surrounded by fans wearing blue. Who are they cheering for?
  2. W: Name an active MLB franchise that has never won a World Series.
  3. S: ________ is clearly the superior Cincinnati Reds mascot.
  4. W: Name a Cincinnati Red who has won a major BBWAA award (MVP, Cy Young, ROY, or MOY).
  5. S: Which two teams have the greatest rivalry in MLB?
  6. W: In the game of baseball, name a way that a player can get on base.
  7. S: There are many outstanding stadiums throughout MLB, but the one I'd most like to take in a game at is ____________?
  8. W: Name an MLB team that won at least 90 games during the 2012 regular season.
  9. S: The BBWAA failed to elect anyone into the HOF in 2013. Name the player that was on the 2013 ballot who most deserved to be elected into the HOF.
  10. W: Name an MLB pitcher that finished the 2012 regular season with an ERA under 3.00 (title qualifiers only).
  11. S: My favorite Cincinnati Reds game broadcaster is _________?
  12. W: According to Fangraphs, name an MLB player who accumulated a wins above replacement value greater than 6 in the 2012 regular season.
  13. S: Other than Topps, name a baseball card brand.
  14. W: Name a Cincinnati Red that has been selected to an All-Star team in the 21st century.
  15. S: The best baseball centric movie ever made is __________?
  16. W: Name an MLB player who produced more than one 30-30 season.
  17. S: Who is the most disliked St. Louis Cardinal? Can be a current or former player or non-player.
  18. W: In 2012, Homer Bailey threw the first Reds no-hitter since Tom Browning threw his perfect-o in 1988. Name a member of the Reds or Dodgers starting line-up in Tom Browning's perfect game.
  19. S: Who was the most valuable player for the Cincinnati Reds during the 2012 regular season?
  20. W: Dusty Baker managed his 3,000th MLB game in 2012. Name another manager with at least as many MLB games managed.
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