Revamping the Minors: Dayton Dragons

A Song of Ice and Flyers - Cyrus Q. Schourek

The final episode of our series takes its inspiration from the best MLB jerseys of recent memory, Bill Veeck, and a popular HBO series.

Well I'm glad we've made it this far. I'll be honest, this is the first of this series where I feel like my inability to draw has completely hindered me. I had great ideas and great sketches on paper, but I have no idea how to really use Illustrator, and it really came back to bite me on the behind.

That said, Dayton Dragons games are apparently a whole lot of fun. I'm sure y'all can tell me all about it. But they really need to freshen up that super-cheesy mid-90s sort of branding they have. That's where I step in.

Game of Thrones is all the rage these days, am I right? I made a crack in some comment way back when about how "Dayton really needs to have a Khaleesi Night", but how about they just wear Khaleesi-inspired jerseys? Dayton ought to have a new logo based off of (i.e. traced from) the House Targaryen sigil.


Some of you may also notice the fonky, moddish script. It's stolen basically directly from the mid-2000s Tampa Bay Rays get-ups, which were super-awesome:


Except with a lighter, Dragon-ier, green, because duh.

Speaking of "duh", in case the sigil is too abstract for people, we're also gonna have a HEY GUYS REMEMBER GAME OF THRONES wordmark:


Hats are pretty simple. That subLIME green dragon on a black hat:


....along with a Khaleesi-inspired platinum blonde hat:


So here you are! Your new Dayton Dragons uniforms! I hope you wouldn't be embarrassed to wear them!


I wanted to add a poll to let you pick your favorite, but I don't know how to do that, what with Sucks Butt Nation sucking butt and all that. But if you want to look through the old ones:

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