Walt Jocketty's replacement?

Not long ago, the folks here got a crack at being the GM of their favorite team. This made me start to wonder what exactly my off-season plans would be if I were in Walt's position. It's no secret that he has a tough job this off-season, probably the hardest of his career. This is just fir fun, and I am going to try and make it as realistic as possible. I would love lots of feedback! (good and bad please)

Lets start from right now (11/18/13) with a quick re-cap:

So far the Reds have fired Dusty Baker and hired Price. I love this move, I think Price(and his staff he hired along with him) will be a huge improvement.

They also offered a Qualifying offer to Choo (rejected) and decided not to offer one to Arroyo. This is exactly what I would have done.

They have also signed a few free agents. They are:

CF-Jason Bourgeois,C-Max Ramirez, C-Brayan Pena, and a few minor league fillers. I absolutely love the Ramirez signing. Hes a low risk, high reward type pick and has some potential still in him. Pena is a solid back-up and gives you some freedom to trade a catcher.

OK, now that brings us pretty much up to speed. Now for moves that i would make. First I would sign a few low risk, high reward guys. My targets would be Grady Sizemore, and Matt LaPorta. Both could be had on minor league deals and have potential.

Then I would focus on 3 other free agents. Brian Wilson, Manny Para, and Bronson Arroyo. All of these guys could be brought in on short term contracts, and really give the team some depth to trade from. That would be it for my free agent signings. Choo is asking for too much money, same with Ellsbury. Granderson could be a nice pick up, but he is 30 and hasn't stayed healthy. He will want more money than I am willing to give him.

This team still needs some offense, and in a bad way. The only way that this will happen is via trades. My trade targets are as follows:

Reds trade Homer Bailey, Ryan Hanigan, and Chris Heisey for Jurickson Profar...

Profar is blocked in Texas with Kinsler and Andrus, and he has been said to be available. I love this kids approach at the plate and can play both SS and 2B. Homer is a texas native and is approaching big money soon. Time to sell high on him. Texas also is possibly losing Cruz, Murphy, and Pierzynski to free agency and need outfield and catching depth.

Reds trade Aroldis Chapman for Nick Castellanos...

We need bats, and have a surplus of pitching. Nick is available, and would fit in left field nicely. Chapmans chance of starting here has come and gone, and isn't that valuable as a closer. I think this is a fair trade both ways.

And finally the Reds trade for Dexter Fowler. I don't know exactly what it would take to make this happen but i would be willing to trade anyone in our minor leagues not named Stephenson. However, Travieso, Yorman, Erving, Winker, hamilton ect would be available. (not all of them together obviously, that would be wayyyy too much.) I would probably try and make it Lorenzen, Yorman, Soto and see if they would bite at that.

That makes your rotation






With Rogers and Stephenson as your minor league depth.

Bullpen would be a combo of:

Simon, Arrendondo, Para, Hoover, Broxton, Ondrusek, Marshall, Lecure, and Wilson

Lineup looks like this:

1. CF- Dexter Fowler

2. SS- Jurickson Profar vs rhp/Brandon Phillips vs lhp

3. 1B- Joey Votto

4. RF- Jay Bruce

5. LF/3B- Nick Castellanos

6. LF/3B- Todd Frazier

7. 2B- Brandon Phillips vs rhp/Jurickson Profar vs lhp

8. C- Devin Mesoraco

9. Pitcher

Bench would be some combo of:

Cozart, Pena, hannahan, ludwick, paul, bourgeois, laporta, ramirez, sizemore

I think this would be a solid offensive and defensive team. What do you guys think?

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