Boys of Summer - Father/Son Baseball Documentary Sequel

Note: Wick gave me the okay to post this - just so you don't think it's spam.

Greetings Reds fans - I come in peace, despite my A's allegiance.

In 2004, my father, who has Parkinson's Disease, and I went on a two month, 20,000 mile road trip to see a game at each of the 30 MLB stadiums. We made the award-winning documentary, "Boys of Summer" from our efforts (see it for free here: You can also see letters of recommendation there from the likes of Joe Buck, Former NM Governor Bill Richardson and the Michael J Fox Foundation amongst others.

Ten years later, much has changed in baseball and our personal lives, including the next generation of ball players in my son and daughter. Unfortunately, not much has changed (positively) on the Parkinson's front. To that end, we want to hit the road again to do a follow-up to our first film. We will revisit fans, friends and baseball sites. We'll also hear new stories and visit "new old" shrines that we missed the first time. For those of you who are fans of documentaries, you may be aware of the British SevenUp series, which documents the lives of a group of Brits from their childhood through adulthood. We're using that approach as a template here. While I don't know if we'll make anyone's "Top 5 Best Baseball Movies" list, it's worth mentioning that Boys of Summer was inspired by The Field of Dreams and we did visit the actual location in Dyersville, IA - it's about halfway through the film.

As a grassroots effort, we've started a kickstarter campaign I'd like to get in front of as many baseball fans as possible. Obviously people affected by Parkinson's or anyone who has a deep relationship (or a longing for one) with their father, son or any family member are also likely going to be interested in this project.

A couple of quick notes:

1) For those who freeze up and freak out immediately at the Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays or any other opposing gear you see on my father or me, know that we are A’s fans through and through. I grew up going to A’s games in the 80’s and my parents still live in the house I grew up in. So why the "evil" gear? Because on this trip, we’re stewards of the game. We’re there to experience and discover, not engage in fan wars. Whatever anger and hatred I feel toward an opponent during a game when I’m a fan is not the same thing as when I’m in a stadium as a documentarian taking in the experience to share with a broad audience. If you see the original film, you’ll see the A’s hat almost never leaves my head. And the Red Sox shirt I’m wearing at the Field of Dreams was a beautiful throwback shirt given to me by the Boston Red Sox that just felt right at that gorgeous nostalgic place. I sent that shirt to Stephen King, by the way, whom I have a bit of a connection with.

2) The look of the original film is soooooo 2004. We were on the cusp of HD and had the budget and equipment of 1995. The film was shot largely by committee (passing the camera to fans sometimes to capture a moment) and it looks like it. There are significant upgrades in equipment as well as technical skill that will be involved in this latest effort. In short – it will look great.

I’m happy to answer anything else you want to know. Many thanks, again, to Wick for allowing me to post this here. My best to you all.

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