The 2013 Final Predictions Standings

Welp ... Fuck.

I needed to wait a few days before I posted this. What a disappointing end to the season. But it's all over, and we have a winner.

Once again, Don was all RAHR RAHR! We got his second straight virtual trophy with a remarkable push toward the end. This thing was Red Menace's to lose the last two weeks. Unfortunately, the Reds did not help Red Menace out. Props to Okie Chase for a strong second place. Don't hate on him folks. He played within the rules, rules which will probably change some next year.

Previous Winners

2011: joshuar9476

2012: Don

Results for the final game.

Playoff Game Pirates 6-2 : Don, IdahoIslander

26 Don
23 OkieChase
22 Red Menace
18 joshuar9476
16 MBP
13 Grahamophone
13 DocUnkRam
11 thefinestmuffins
10 RedConn
10 kcgard2
10 Unmitigated Audacity
9 CommiePuddin
9 jch24
9 Charlie Scrabbles
8 RamDent27
8 DevilsAdvocate
7 Sabo17
6 Lost and Found
6 Hutch19
6 angeeh
5 HORNyredleg
5 Yossarian22
4 TophersReds
4 CutterAndy
4 nlt-andrew68
4 SteelyDan
4 ChiDa
4 sexsalad
4 btcoop71
3 John Prentice
3 BK
3 Mr.Redlegs_Posse
3 UncleWeez
3 bbjones
3 Ptaylor2112
3 SunnyD1988
3 crolfer
2 Zjiff30
2 RoastBeefKazenzakis
2 TheC
2 redbear
2 Redmac83
2 chazerize
1 badenjr
1 Eastwindquinn
1 josh.bresser
1 knightsofsebastian
1 Nasty N8
1 brown11b
1 MC Reds Hot
1 "Red" Mosku
1 respectfulred
1 Springfield Red
1 RijoSaboCaseyWKRP
1 IdahoIslander

A couple of other awards to hand out ...

1. The Rosie Red Award: Last year's winner was angeeh. This year's winner is muffins with 11 points. Good job!

2. The "How the Hell Did That Happen?" Award: Charlie Scrabbles. 9 points. Good times.

I really wanted to go back and give an award to the person with the most correct picks and an award to the person who got the most points just picking the Reds. But as many of you know, I lost my hard drive and thus a large chunk of the scores halfway through. Next year I'll keep track of those things from the start.

I want to give a big "Thank You" to everyone the who participated. Every year this get bigger with more participants. A big shout out also goes to the mods for posting the pregame/prediction threads. Those made my life a lot easier this season. Finally, a huge thanks to our winner Don for having my back and correcting me on any errors I made this season (and there were more than I would like).

God willing I'll see everyone again on opening day for the 2014 predicting season, though I'll be around throughout the off season.

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