What's That? We Clinched Already, So This Didn't Matter? Rad. Reds Lose, 5-3.

The 12 days of Clinchmas start...now.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Denis Phipps hit his first career HR tonight, a 2 run shot in the 8th that cut the Dodgers' lead to 2. Phipps is (and has been) an interesting case as a prospect in that he's old for his level, has been, and aside from a massive BABIP fueled AAA career has been largely irrelevant...but he's also a late-bloomer who is tremendously athletic and quite toolsy. Do I think he'll ever be a viable MLB player? No, I don't, but he's the exact kind of player that has enough potential to keep people interested.

He's a lot like Drew Stubbs, actually, though not tonight. Stubbs was 1 for 4 with 2 K's, and is currently in an epic battle with the .600 level on his season OPS.

Key Plays

  • This one got ugly rather quickly for Homer Bailey, as Adrian Gonzalez hit his first HR of the day in the top of the 2nd. In the bottom of the 3rd the Reds struck back, however, after Willie Wiggle walked, Joey God-o walked, and Todd Frazier singled to score Valdez. Game tied, 1-1.
  • "Things" hit the proverbial fan for David DeWitt in the 7th, as Gonzalez led off with his 2nd HR of the day. Hanley Ramirez then singled, as did Cruz, and pinch runner Dee Gordon scored when A.J. Ellis' sacrifice was err'd upon by 2B Miguel Cairo. Bobby Abreu then walked, Jose Arredumpsterfire was brought on for Bailey, and Mark Ellis and Andre Ethier both got hits immediately thereafter. Reds trailed, 5-1.
  • In the 8th, Cairo made it to 2nd on a Gordon error, and Phipps crunch-pumped a flexor. Reds trailed, 5-3, and unfortunately that was all she wrote for the offense. Reds lose, 5-3.


via www.fangraphs.com

Other Notes

  • The Reds won the NL Central yesterday, so a big stinking MEH to this game.
  • Clinchmas was amazing, but damn if today didn't feel godawful. I felt pretty low.
  • Listen to this, por favor. If you don't like it, I don't hate you. Well, maybe I do.
  • If this doesn't persuade the Reds' brass to start Homer in Game 2 (i.e. "not in GABP), I don't know what will. His home/road stats do not lie.
  • Among those MLB players with at least 275 PAs, Joey Votto leads them all with a .469 OBP (after his 3 walks tonight). Second on that list is Joe Mauer...at .416. Holy hell, we have a freaking amazing 1B.
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