It's Been Fun, Ozzie. Well, Not for You, but Y'Know What I Mean. Reds defeat Marlins, 5-4.

That's levitation, homes.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

The Reds did their very best small-ball performance today, cranking out 16 singles and stealing two bases in their 11 inning affair. Only Todd Frazier could muster an extra base hit (a double), and the Reds threatened to break our hearts by leaving 14 men on base.

However, Ryan Ludwick rendered moot our worst fears, singling in Chris Heisey in the Top of the 11th to put the Reds ahead for good, thereby earning the JNMHSotG. Well clutched, Sir Psycho Studdy.

Several Reds were pro-OBP and anti-SLG today, including Joey Votto (2 for 4, 2 BB), Ludwick (3 for 6), Frazier (2 for 6, 2B), Navarro (3 for 6, RBI), and DiDi "Best SS on the 40 man" Gregorius (3 for 5, RBI).

Mat Latos also deserves some props, and he was solid through 7 innings, allowing 3 ER while striking out 8 and walking just 2 over 96 pitches. Wait, what's that? He was sent out for the 8th inning despite having a lead and an arsenal of relievers available courtesy of September's expanded rosters? I'm sorry, I'm going to choose to ignore the fact that happened, since it never should have.

Key Plays

  • The Reds struck first today, plating 1 in the Top of the 2nd. Todd Frazier, Dioner Navarro, and Gregorius all singled in succession, the third scoring Frazier; they tacked on another in the Top of the 4th when Navarro and Gregorius singled, Latos advanced them on a sacrifice, and Phillips plated Navarro on a ground out. Reds led, 2-0.
  • Greg Dobbs continued his torrid Reds-scorching in the Bottom of the 4th, tripling deep to the cavernous RF in the new Marlins stadium. Unfortunately, Giancarlon Stanton and Carlos Lee were on base, and both scored. Game tied, 2-2.
  • The Reds reclaimed the lead in the Top of the 5th, as both Votto and Ludwick singled, and Navarro singled to score Joey from 2nd. Good to see our fearless awesomesaucemaker capable of covering two bases for a run. The good guys played add-on in the 6th, too, after BP singled, stole second, advanced to third on a grounder, and scored on a Ludwick single. Reds led, 4-2.
  • In the Bottom of the 7th, Carlos Lee led off with a double and later scored on a sac fly by Solano. Latos was rather surprisingly brought back for the 8th despite being at almost 100 pitches, and he promptly allowed a single to Austin Kearns, a sacrifice, and a double by Jose Reyes that tied up the game at 4. Hrm.
  • Fortunately, we have Ryan Ludwick, and he calmly passed the globe back to Atlas before his last at bat, singling in the go-ahead run in the Top of the 11th before reacquiring the weight the collective Reds world on his shoulders. Johnny Broxville closed out the Bottom half of the 11th, and that was that. Reds win, 5-4.



Other Notes

  • supergrover, we love you buddy, but SB Nation has been super-wonky today and I didn't have a chance to read the game thread. I won't let it happen again.
  • I called Jared Hughes and offered him an invitation to the playoff party, but he just replied with this. He then promptly came in to face Anthony Rizzo and gave up a grand slam. Karma? Karma.
  • If you get the chance, see these fellas live. Drink lots of whiskey when you do it and you just might tell yourself for a decade that it was the best thing you've ever done.
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