Red 'Rithmetic - Doubles & Walks

BP Kiss

  • 1.23 BB/K

    Since the start of the 2009 season (Hanigan's first full season) Ryan Hanigan has 143 walks compared to only 87 strikeouts. That is good for a 1.23 BB/K ratio during that span, ranking 2nd in all of baseball (minimum 1,000 plate appearances). Only 5 players have managed to accumulate more walks than strikeouts during that span. Additionally, Hanigan's .375 OBP since 2009 ranks in the top 20 in MLB. Many dismiss his high OBP and walk rates, arguing that he is often pitched around to get to the pitcher. However, he has only received 26 intentional walks since 2009, and his OBP when batting 7th is .396 (272 plate appearances). For an un-drafted player who will make just over $2 million next year, those are impressive numbers.
  • 36 doubles, 66 walks

    Despite missing significant time to injury, Joey Votto's 36 doubles still rank as 3rd best in the National League. David Wright is 2nd with 37 doubles and he has 181 more plate appearances than Votto on the year. Votto's 66 walks rank 4th in the NL. He has managed 66 walks in just 370 plate appearances. For perspective, all of the other players ranking in the top 5 have over 500 plate appearances.
  • 255 doubles

    The Reds team total in doubles, 255, is the highest all of the National League. Perhaps this isn't so surprising with players like Votto (see above), Todd Frazier and Zack Cozart. Both Cozart and Frazier rank among rookie leaders in doubles.
  • 2.66 BB/9

    Reds pitchers have allowed 2.66 BB/9 this year. In the National League, only the Phillies pitching staff has been better at limiting free passes.
  • 2.48 ERA, 17 wins, 172 ERA+, 0.4 HR/9, 12 HBP, 15 sac-bunts

    These are just some of the numbers for Johnny Cueto which rank #1 in the National League. I add in the "hit by pitch" stat because I think it makes him even more awesome. He will hit a lot of guys, but very few will hit him. In addition, Cueto's 7 pick-offs rank 2nd to Clayton Kershaw (8) in the NL. However, Kershaw has allowed 8 stolen bases while Cueto has allowed only 1. Cueto's 15 sacrifice bunts are not only best among pitchers, no player in all of baseball has more sac bunts. The guy simply does everything well. ACE.
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