I Want to Live Where It's Always This Way. Reds Barry Cardinals, win 8-2

Today is just what the doctor ordered, I'd say. Last night's loss made me physically ill (just a cold, really, and probably not related to the loss at all), but after being victims of a sixth inning meltdown yesterday , the Reds exacted their revenge with some sixth inning magic of their own off Jamie Garcia, including another big hit for...

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

How about Jay Bruce? Not only did he go 1-3 with a 2 run J-Bomb in the sixth, but he also made a spectacular diving catch in the fourth. It may read "Allen Craig lines out softly to right fielder Jay Bruce" in the play by play, but it was anything but a soft out. If it falls, the Cardinals have at least first and second and no one out and a rally going. Instead, they stood with their hearts deflated and a lonely man on second and would not score.

Honorable mentions to Brandon Phillips who went 3-5 with 2 runs, 2 RBIS, and a solo Phillips to seal the deal and to Mike Leake for going 6 and 2/3rds while only allowing two of the ten base runners he allowed to score. He was also 2-3 at the plate and scored the Reds first run.

And of course, #11 Barry Larkin, who no doubt inspired the Reds to his play to his level of greatness. Perhaps they should retire his number again tomorrow, just for good luck?

The supergrover Memorial Honorary Red Reporter of the Gamethread

I don't feel comfortable deciding this one, but I get the feeling that angeeh is a fun drunk to have at parties.

Key Plays

In the bottom of the third, Mike Leake roped a double down the third base line. After the Reds one-two hitters did what they do, BP drove in Leake with a two out single. Reds up 1-0.

The top of the fifth started badly. Leake gave up back to back singles to Tony Cruz and Rafael Furcal. Jamie Garcia couldn't lay down a bunt, however, which led to much consternation on tHom's part after a John Jay single loaded the bases for the Redbirds. Matt Carpenter gave up an out to tie the game, and Matt Holliday hit it hard to GG Zack Cozart. Big mistake, Holliday. Game tied at 1.

In the bottom of the sixth, the Reds had had enough. BP doubled to lead off, and Ryan Ludwick hit one of his three singles on the day to move him to third. ROY Todd Frazier outran the Cardinals double play attempt to earn an RBI and score Phillips. Frazier then trotted home on a Jay Bruce blast. Reds up 4-1.

You don't want to give runs back, so it was a little nerve racking to see Leake give up back-to-back singles in the top of the seventh. First and third no outs became bases empty two outs on a Shane Robinson run scoring double play. Another single was all for Leake, and one 77 MPH Sean Marshall curveball later, Matt Carpenter was retired and the lead was safe.

Luckily in the bottom of the seventh, the Cardinals gave right back and then some. Rookie Brandon Dickson was brought in to pitch, and the one and two hitters in the Reds lineup gave him confidence by somehow getting out. He could not contain Brandon Phillips, however, who went deep for a Great American Insurance Home Run. This shook Dickson's new found confidence and he then allowed a single and two walks to load the bases for Scott Rolen's Reds. Old Man hit a two run single, and back up catcher Dioner Navarro Meso'd a ball into left field to plate the Reds eighth and final run.

JJ Hoover Chapman'd the ninth, striking out the side to seal the victory. Reds win, 8-4

Drew Stubbs singled in the eighth. It ended a streak of seven consecutive strikeouts for him.

If you like magical numbers, your current digit of choice is 29.

Songs, huh? The title comes from this. The Hoover Dam comment in the game thread brought this to mind. And you can figure out the theme for these two on your own. I hope that's something for everyone there.

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