From The Opponent's Feed™: Saved by Potsie's Uncle

Good gravy, that's one tasty win streak! But what, oh, what did we miss by listening to the soon-to-be-bald Brenneman and his son Spaulding focus on what the Reds are doing wrong/stupidly?



Well, we were treated to a lot of on-camera feasting during the Rockies' Sunday telecast from the Rockies' Mountain Ranch Club down the RF line where play-by-play man Drew Goodman put on the feed bag with color commentator George Frazier and FSRM reporter Jenny Cavnar (Cavnar’s father, Steve, was inducted into the Colorado High School Hall of Fame after coaching for 27 years at Smoky Hill High School and then leading Regis Jesuit to the Class 5A state baseball title last spring.) There was a lot of pressing of the COUGH button whilst they chewed.



Jeff Huson did color the first two games, but even his loved ones did not care. That said, there were a few nuggets of interest worth sharing from the loftier elevations. Behold the greatness after the jump.

Here are the chunky niblets in butter that are worth sneaking past the Jolly Green Giant:

• Yesterday Brandon Phillips became one of only 3 men have ever played 1000 games at 2B for the Reds, joining Ron Oester and Joe Morgan. It startled me when they shared a graphic comparison of how similarly BP and Lil' Joe batted whilst in the Red Stockings:


AB: 4008 ~ 3928

H: 1155 ~ 1106

2B: 220 ~ 198

3B: 27 ~ 27

HR: 152 ~ 136

RBI: 612 ~ 547

BA: .288 ~ .282

SLG: .470 ~ .450



Contrary to the Pirates TV crew, the Rockies booth hailed BP's personality.

• The Rockies have branded this rebuilding season as "THE YEAR OF THE FAN" and have made a bunch of great commercials that are well worth your time.

• Former Red Josh Hamilton was booed the other night in his home ballpark in Arlington. He has averaged only .145 in July, and appears disinterested. Nolan Ryan reportedly took him out to the woodshed and has given him a talking-to regarding focus.

• Another great stat I hadn't seen before this series: JOHNNY CUETO WITH THE BASES LOADED IS CLUTCHITY CLUTCH-CLUTCH! Check out these numbers:

2012: batters have gone 0-for-15 with 0 SFs, 0 SHs, and 0 HBP.

CAREER: in 88 PAs, batters have hit only .128/.205/.205 for a .410 OPS with 2 SFs, 0 SHs, and 0 HBP.

Former Red Josh Roenicke leads the majors in relief appearances for the Rockies. Some malcontent is still wearing his Reds jersey.



When Ryan Ludwick was traded by the Cardinals to the Padres in 2010, instead of hearing from the manager or GM, he found out when a reporter called him on the phone asking how he felt about the trade. StudStick™ responded, "What trade?!?" The St. Louis Cardinals: Classiest franchise in the world, donchaknow.

• They consider Zack Cozart and Todd Frazier to be candidates for the 2012 NL Rookie-of-the-Year, giving the edge to The Heimlich Hero. Coincidentally, and detailed on the Rockies broadcast, was Dr. Henry Jay Heimlich, the inventor of the maneuver. The doctor had two famous relatives of note, the first being Phil Heimlich, a former Cincinnati elected official turned conservative Christian radio talk-show host. The second is Dr. Henry Jay's nephew, Anson Williams, who is best known as Warren "Potsie" Weber on the 70s hit TV show Happy Days.



What MLB player looks most like heartthrob Anson Williams? Please chime in.

Regarding Marty Brenneman's hair, George Frazier had this to say: "Marty's hair would not move in a hurricane. WOULD. NOT. MOVE. We used to call him "Helmethead."



The first guy in line to cut 'ol Helmethead's lovely locks will be none other than Homer Bailey, who was displeased with the poofy-haired fancy boy's constant criticism during his tenure with the club. Marty said to Homer, "Hey, man. You're throwing the ball good." Bailey responded, "Yeah, but I'm first in line with the clippers." George Frazier had some advice for the elder Brennecomplainer: "I'm going to give you a little warning. Let them use the number 1 to shave your head, but don't let them take the razors and shaving cream. You're not gonna like that when you're done."

Jay Bruce has the most home runs in the majors today who is under age 26.

• Once the third out in the top of the 5th was recorded yesterday, all 9 Rockies defenders stayed on the field, thinking there were only 2 outs. They remarked that they had seen one or two guys forget, but none of them had ever seen it occur that all the players on the team were simultaneously mistook.

• Last year in San Diego apparently the not-yet-completely-mature Mat Latos signed baseballs, "Mat Latos, I hate San Francisco," which became clubhouse bulletin board fodder. Cavnar, who used to do the pre- and post-game shows for the Flaccid Friars, analyzed that Latos had too much success and money and press too early. "Sometimes it's hard to learn that you can't always be as honest as you want to be. He's just an honest guy, and that became part of his problem. He just said a little too much stuff to the media that upset his teammates and other teams. When you have that much success, you don't want the words that you say to distract you on the field, and I think he's just got caught back and forth with that. His yours in the league and having different teammates has given him a different perspective. He's done much better in Cincinnati." George Frazier's advice for dealing with the press? "Just say, 'I don't speak English,' and walk away.



They showed several replays of Ryan Hanigan signalling the umpire where the next pitch was going to be located by reaching back and tapping the ump on the leg to let him know that he'd better clear space for Hanigan to jump over there to catch the ball. It was some pretty cool veteran-y stuff you don't often see pointed out. They love Hanigan, and even replayed how he watches the ball unblinkingly all the way into the pocket of the mitt. I am not sure which brand glove Ryan uses, but apparently there are baseball folk who detest the idea of using a lefty glove to soft-toss with a certain presidential candidate. Mildly amusing.



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