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2012 MLB All Star Game Open Thread: We were never in Kansas, anymore.

An artist's rendering of what it would look like if Bruce Harper, Michael Bourn and Jay Bruce were all traded to the Royals. Accurately, they don't seem happy.

The 83rd All Star Game. 7:30 PM EDT. Kauffmann Stadium, Kansas City. FOX.

I would very much like Game One of the World Series to take place in Cincinnati. Perhaps one of the biggest ironies in recent Reds' history would be if Tony LaRussa won the NL that privilege.

From one standpoint, last year's ASG was an unmitigated disaster for the Reds. Votto, BP, Bruce and Rolen combined to go 0-6 with 4 Ks. From another, it was a perfectly fine. No injuries - and they did their best to deny the Cardinals home field advantage. Aroldis Chapman and Jay Bruce lay in wait for the Reds. I want to see them make their cameos, but it would be A-OK if they don't - although Chapman or Kimbrel will be the obvious choice to nail down a close game.

Jay Bruce said earlier today that Justin Verlander had the best fastball in the majors. He's the first to stand in the way of the Senior Circuit board. After breaking the AL's 12-year win streak, the NL is in the middle of a quaint little streak of their own (2). Here are a few things TLR could do to make it a three-peat:

  • Bring in David Wright as soon as Pablo Sandoval is announced
  • Handle Andrew McCutchen similarly.
  • See if you can sneak a 10th man on the field.
  • Actually, just stay away from Aroldis Chapman. Don't look at him and definitely don't touch him.
  • If you do use him - as a clever Red Reporter suggested - use him either before or after Dickey. SOFT-HARD THEORY.


DH Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies
CF Melky Cabrera, Giants
LF Ryan Braun, Brewers
1B Joey Votto, Reds
RF Carlos Beltran, Cardinals
C Buster Posey, Giants
3B Pablo Sandoval, Giants
2B Dan Uggla, Braves
SS Rafael Furcal, Cardinals

SP Matt Cain, Giants


SS Derek Jeter, Yankees
2B Robinson Cano, Yankees
LF Josh Hamilton, Rangers
RF Jose Bautista, Blue Jays
1B Prince Fielder, Tigers
3B Adrian Beltre, Rangers
DH David Ortiz, Red Sox
C Mike Napoli, Rangers
CF Curtis Granderson, Yankees

SP Justin Verlander, Tigers

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