Farmers Only Farmer's Market: Signifying the beginning of the Joey Gathright era?

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Joey Gathright

Yep, this is happening. Since he joined Louisville from the Indy leagues, he's hitting .382/.432/.441 in 9 games. He plays all 3 outfield positions AND bats left handed. He's got a hit in all 9 games he's played. I'm not sure Dusty made it through this paragraph without hyperventilating, and my feeling is that we'll see him soon.

Brian Pearl

Lots of big names in Bako this year have been getting promotions lately, but there are still lesser known names hanging out at Sam Lynn, and I don't think too many are as under the radar as Pearl. The 9th rounder from the '09 draft, he's hit major strides this year as the closer in Bakersfield, with a 1.26 ERA in almost 29 innings, with a 32/6 K/BB ratio. He's gone scoreless in his last 7 appearances. Keep an eye on this one.

Theo Bowe

Another big week for T-Bowe. .405/.488/.432 in his last 10 games with an 8-game hitting streak, he's also got 10 SB in that span. He'll be overshadowed by his teammate in Bako, but his 26 SB already are pretty impressive.

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Neftali Soto

Yep, he's on here again. .195/.267/.268 in his last 10 will get you that, and no matter how you slice it, it's been a disappointing year for Soto so far. At this rate, we won't see him this year.

David Vidal

Viddy Cent isn't the biggest perpetrator on this list, but he warrants mentioning. Since his callup to AA, he's at .214/.329/.440 in 19 games. A lot of that is probably due to numbers coming back to earth in P-Cola, but let's keep an eye on him.

Nick O'Shea

Got to admit, I expected Nick to be hitting better than he has in Dayton. On the season, he's at .183/.220/.231, all from a guy who was projected to have a little power. I'll buy the excuse that he's learning a new position defensively (catcher), but I'll be concerned until he gets that over the Mendoza line.

  • Louisville lost 2 of their 3 games against Durham over the weekend. They lost 3-1 on Friday, with Corky Miller driving in the only run. Pedro Villarreal started and gave up 3 runs in 6 2/3. Saturday wasn't much better, as the Bats lost 8-3 with Neftali Soto collecting 2 hits. Sunday's game was much better, with the team collecting a 7-0 shutout win courtesy of Jeff Francis, who struck out 4 and walked 1. Joey Gathright was 3-for-4 with 3 RBI. Up next: Durham at 7:05.
  • Pensacola hit a big skid over the weekend, losing all 4 games they played. They dropped their Friday doubleheader 6-1 and 2-1. Daniel Corcino got knocked around in the first game, and Mark Serrano pitched 5 shutout innings in Game 2 before Justin Freeman gave up a 1-run lead in the 10th inning. Freeman started another bullpen meltdown on Saturday, as they dropped 9-6. Tim Crabbe struck out 9 in 5 innings. The bullpen struck again on Sunday, giving up 2 in the 9th to lose 5-4. Tony Cingrani made his AA debut, going 6 2/3 innings and giving up 2 ER with 5 strikeouts. Not a bad way to kick things off. Ryan LaMarre led the Wahoos with 3 hits. Up next: Kyle Lotzkar takes the mound against Jacksonville at 8.
  • Bakersfield won 2 of their 3 weekend games. They beat San Jose 10-4 on Friday behind 3 hits each from James Ewing and Theo Bowe. Billy Quix's 3 stolen bases didn't hurt. Chad Rogers started and gave up 3 ER in 6 innings, striking out 8 and walking nobody. They won again on Saturday, 3-2. Josh Smith pitched 6 shutout innings with 9 strikeouts. Sunday's game was a 5-4 loss, with Andrew Brackman giving up 4 runs in 4 2/3 innings. Not super impressed. By the way, Billy Hamilton stole his 62nd base. Up next: Justice French takes on Modesto and top prospect Tyler Matzek at 10:30.
  • Dayton lost 2 of their 3, coming back down to earth a bit after their recent run surge. They lost 11-6 on Friday, as Yovan Gonzalez had 3 hits and Junior Arias hit his 2nd homer of the year. They lost again on Saturday, 3-2 to Bowling Green. Jacob Johnson pitched 6 innings and gave up 2 runs with 7 strikeouts. Sunday was a 5-4 win. Daniel Tuttle pitched 4 shutout innings, and Steve Selsky had 2 hits. TO STEVE SELSKY! Up next: Rowdy Raddy Quezada takes on BG at 8:05.
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