Reds Doomed by Too Many Comebacks, Lose to Indians 10-9.

Awkward high-fives are the new market inefficiency...either that, or high-fiving with puke-fingers is.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

The Pitchers!


Jay Bruce gets the nod after this slug-fest. Hova went 3 for 4 with a walk and a Funnebago, driving in a potentially clutch run in the Reds' last ditch effort in the 9th as well. If the world was populated with Jeff Francouers, we'd be hearing about Jay's efforts as possible League MVP, since he's got more flyshakers and tip-jars than Joey Votto. Honorable mention is due, however, to said Joey Votto, who Don Ho'd a bomber to RF and was on base more often than Yossarian and Major Major ever were. Also, big props are in order to Brandon Phillips, who obviously wishes he could be playing Cleveland every single day. Remember how he was hurt for, like, 3 weeks? Look at his numbers YTD now, factor that in, and tell me Dat Dude's not motivated after signing a big contract. I'll call you Derek Lowe to your face and then rub a booger on your fivehead. I swear to god I will.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...Ryan Ludwick and Scott Rolen get a deserved mention, too. Ludwick kept on keepin' on vs. Lowe, and Rolen looked competent at the plate after a Rolenesque amount of time on the DL.

Key Plays

  • Wow, was this intricate and tedious. Reds scored first on a Votto bomb, just to be matched at 1-1 after a Choo-Choo. Scott Rolen and GBSAMBB's least favorite potential cleanup hitter Ryan Hanigan both had RBI hits to make it 3-1, but Mat Latos couldn't hold the lead, ultimately surrendering another 6 runs before departing with, at the time, a 7-5 deficit.
  • Reds, as they've been wont, rallied, as Brandon Phillips doubled in Joey Votto while Johnny Damon showed yours truly why he should never be a LF. Game was tied, 7-7, but the Indians small-balled back to take a 9-7 lead before Bruce Springsteened one over the fence in RF to make it a one run game again. Indians scored, Reds tried to rally, but fell short...Indians win, 10-9.


Other Notes

  • Remember how BP had that month-long stretch as a leadoff hitter last season that was awesome, and we all freaked and thought he was best suited for a leadoff hitter? Well, before his (yet again) great performance tonight, he was an .820 OPS hitter batting 4th this year vs. a .490 OPS batting leadoff. Hrmmm...
  • Joey Votto's penis has a penis, and it's bigger than yours.
  • Mike Leake will take the mound vs. Not Mike Tomlin tomorrow at 7:05 PM. Turn on, tune in, and drop out.
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