Reds - Community Mock Draft (Sickels

This mock was quite strange for me as I felt I was able to address the needs I intended to do without any trouble. In fact, I would say that the draft was actually went better for me than I intended. I don't think I had any major reaches and took advantage of some players that illogically slid. Below are the results of the recent RedsMock Draft...

01.14 - Andrew Heaney, LHP, Oklahoma State University

01.49 - Travis Jankowski, OF, Stony Brook

01.57 - Carson Kelly, 3B, Oregon HS

02.78 - Kayden Porter, RHP, Utah HS

03.109 - Kevin Brady, RHP, Clemson

01.14 - Andrew Heaney, LHP, Oklahoma State University - I must say it was nice to see Heaney make it to the 14th pick as he was the best 2012 college in lefty in baseball. His selection helps satisfy a large organizational need as the Reds lack quality lefty starters. Does he project as an ace? Probably not but he's a safe selection here, he'll likely move quickly, contribute in a timely manner, and sign for a reasonable amount. Ideally, the Reds were looking for a Matt Morris type college pitcher here and while Michael Wacha, taken 13th overall, fits that criteria better being a large bodied righty that fact that Heaney is a little smaller doesn't mean as much when he's a lefty. I was very happy with this pick and I hope the real draft mirrors this. Others Considered: Chris Stratton, Gavin Cecchini, Matt Smoral, Chris Beck

01.49 - Travis Jankowski, OF, Stony Brook - If someone knows of a better value pick in the draft, I would like to see it. I was trageting a college OF with one of my two supplemental picks and I was very surprised he slid as far as he did as he profiles, in my opinion, as the most complete college OF in the draft. The gritty Jank is a fantastic defensive OF, has a powerful arm, good frame, excellent speed, and good power potential. I don't anticipate Jank following this far in the draft but if in reality I could see an older Jay Bruce move to LF to enable Jankowski's promotion in about 3 years. Others Considered: Nobody!

01.57 - Carson Kelly, 3B, Oregon HS - I was foolishly hoping that someone like Corey Seager or Tanner Rahier might fall out of the 1st round but recent scouting reports dashed those dreams. I thought it was very important to draft a large bodied prep SS/3B in the supplemental round. With Jank falling, I knew I had to wait to draft a prep 3B but was additionally surprised to see Kelly last to my pick. My biggest decision here was Kelly or Nay and I chose the better defensive and refined player in Kelly with almost as much potential with the bat. If the bat doesn't work out, many scouts like his arm as a pitcher. Since my two prior picks appear to be somewhat easy college signs, Kelly should fit nicely here. Others Considered: Mitch Nay

02.78 - Kayden Porter, RHP, Utah HS - There aren't many players with the skill set of Porter. He's 6'5 240 pounds and throws his fastball as high as 96mph. Porter is also a great hitter and is capable of hitting 500ft homeruns and has got into better shape this year. I was torn as to what position I saw him at but I'm okay with him hitting 9th every 5th day in the future as long as he can refine his secondary pitches. If pitching doesn't work out, Porter could easily profile as LF in the future. This move was also my 2nd and final prep draftee which should keep me under budget Others Considered: Taylore Cherry, Mitchell Traver (Video:

03.109 - Kevin Brady, RHP, Clemson - I badly wanted to stay away from any prep players here and it was good to see a big bodied and high velocity ACC starter in Brady available. If Brady had been healthy all year, drafting him here would have been a pipe dream. He pitched well this year, developed a slider, and drafting him here is a steal in my mind. I was entertaining the idea of Brandon Kline here but he was selected prior to my pick. A safe and financially appropriate pick with quite a lot of upside. Others Considered: Matt Koch, Matt Reckling, Matt Price

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