Once again, the Reds fail to turn on the Bug Zapper. Nats win, 2-1.

Is this after a strikeout, walk, bad-call, home run, double play, great call? I don't care, I just love the personality.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

I will not give this to Jordan Zimmerman.

Joey Votto was 1 for 2 with 2 BB. That's about as good as it gets tonight, unfortunately.

Key Plays

  • The Reds struck early, scoring the first 1st inning run off of Zimmerman all season. In fact, it was the first run he's allowed in any of the first 3 innings this season. Zack "MVP/GG" Cozart led off with a single, and ended up on 2nd after a hit and run resulted in an attempted double play that yielded no outs. Productive small-ball from Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips resulted in Cozart scoring on a groundout. Reds lead, 1-0.
  • Mat Latos struggled to put away hitters tonight, and his pitch count mounted as a result. However, he never gave up a run to a batter he walked. Before he left with an injured knee, Wilson Ramos hit a solo homer to center field in the 5th that tied the game at 1. Latos left after 5, and Jose Arredondo proceeded to replace him with a meatball to Danny Espinosa, who homered on the first pitch he saw in the 6th. Nats win, 2-1.


via www.fangraphs.com

Other Notes

  • Before the game today, the Reds announced multiple moves. Scott Rolen hits the 15 Day DL with a balky shoulder, Mike Costanzo's contract was purchased to replace Rolen on the big club, and crolfer's heart fluttered like a butterfly found in his collection. Or was it a moth? I don't freaking know.
  • Through 7 starts, Mat Latos is now 2-2 with a 4.54 ERA, 8.5 K/9, and a BABIP almost 40 points higher than his career average while pitching during (historically) the worst part of the season for him. Commence freak out.
  • Reds vs. the Nats in 2012: 1-5. Reds vs. everyone else in 2012: 15-11.
  • So far in the series vs. the Reds, Bryce Harper is 0 for 9 with 4 K, 0 HR, and a triple off his face.
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