Your 2012 Red Reporter Game Prediction Info and Rules Thread and Stuff

I hope everyone had fun with this last year, and I'm hoping to get more involvement in it this year. In case you're new or want a look back at memory lane, here are the final results from last year.

For those who participated last year, the rules are basically the same that we finally agreed on last year. There are no cash prizes or fancy memorabilia (unless Jeremy is willing to donate a special prize for the cause), just bragging rights during the off season.

And now for the rules and stuff ...

Basic Info:

Each game someone will make a post in the game thread for your predictions. There you will give me each team and the score. Example.

Reds 6 Marlins 3

Don't be afraid to pick the other team if you feel like it's just not going to be the Reds' day, and don't be afraid to pick what someone else has already chosen if you have that gut feeling. After each game (usually in the recap but sometimes later than that) I will let everyone know who scored. After the end of the week I will then update the standings.


First and foremost, you must pick the winning team. If nobody picks the winning team, and it happened more than once last year, then nobody scores for that day.

If you do pick the winning team, then the individual who comes closest to the final score wins. So, if the Reds win 5-3 and you have the score 5-2, then you were one point off. If you had 6-2, then you were 2 off.

If someone nails the score correctly, they get 2 points. If nobody has a perfect score, then whomever had the closest wins 1 point. There are no tiebreakers. Numerous picks can win each day.

If you are unclear on this, please ask and we will assist.


You must have your prediction in before first pitch

Your prediction must be easy to understand. If I have to spend more than 10 seconds figuring out who is what, I'm just going to skip it.

You cannot say, "I want this score for the entire season" and expect me to remember it. I don't care if you use the same score all 162 games, but it must be posted for each contest.

Last year you could only predict in the game thread, and this limited many from participating. This year I'm allowing you to submit your score at anytime during the day via the game thread, my twitter account (joshuar9476), email (, or on facebook (just search for Joshua Rutherford). I will try to post all of these predictions in the game thread as well just so everyone can see them. If you have any suggestions for other ways to submit a score, please let me know.

I try my best to make sure the count is correct every day, but i am human. I have a job, two kids, and a wife. If you feel like i missed your score or got something wrong, please let me know.

Have fun and good luck to everyone!

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