RR Fantasy Baseball - Keepers?

if i remember right, these leagues were originally supposed to be keeper leagues, right? if so, how in the world are keepers going to work, with teams constantly moving in and out of different leagues? i've made some moves based on keeper value despite no keeper rules being set, and I've come to realize that that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. i may have screwed myself if these league end up being 1-year leagues. so i ask - are these still keeper leagues, and if so, how will keepers work?

i apologize if this has been explained and I somehow missed it. but to my knowledge, the rules were never explained/created.

if no rules have been made yet, i figured i'd give my two cents. if you already have rules described somewhere, completely ignore the following...

i propose that we keep players in increments of 6 (either 6, 12, or 18), but preferably 6. by keeping a relatively small number of players, this will allow for easier transitions between years, and it would promote fairness to new teams by not forcing them to take over really bad teams. i'll explain below.

FOR THE MIDDLE 2 LEAGUES: The teams that move to a new league (presumably the 3 moving up from the league below and the 3 moving down from the league above) should participate in a supplemental draft, thereby carrying no players into the league. These teams would be allowed to pick keepers from the 6 abandoned teams. This would be fairly simple and would work well for the middle two leagues, since new teams would be selecting keepers from what were the previous years best and worst teams. The top and bottom leagues may need to function slightly differently.

FOR THE TOP LEAGUE: Because the 3 teams moving into the very top league will be replacing the league's worst 3 teams, the argument could be made that they have a worse pool of players to keep from. Additional rules may need to be made to promote fairness. For example, say 6 players are to be kept from each team. The 9 returning teams in the top league could designate their 6 keepers, but only protect 4 or 5 of them. The 3 new teams could then pick between the abandoned teams as well as the unprotected keepers from each returning team. this would help offset the disadvantage the new teams face by allowing them to have a slightly better pool to keep from. Any returning team who lost his unprotected keeper would be allowed to replace him with whomever he chooses after the new teams have determined their keepers.

FOR THE BOTTOM LEAGUE: Because the 3 new teams would be replacing the league's previous 3 top teams, the argument could be made that they have a better pool of players to keep from. I suggest allowing them to keep only 4 or 5 players from the abandoned teams and fill their remaining keeper slots with players that were not kept from other teams.

Regardless, each league could easily operate with different rules, as long new teams are not allowed to keep players from their previous league. And this may not be a popular idea, but i suggest randomly determining league hierarchy this year, instead of taking the top 3 teams from each league and moving them to the top league, etc. The latter would essentially make keeping players impossible, since there would be as many as 4 of the same player in each league. some sort of auction system could be put in place to determine who could keep a certain player if multiple managers want to keep him, but i think it would be easier to establish a random hierarchy now. Since it is a fun league, i don't think too many people would mind, even if they had to start in the bottom league.

I do strongly suggest we get keeper rules established immediately, because like i said before, i may have screwed myself if this is a 1 year league. It's hard to develop a strategy when rules haven't been made clear.

Also, I believe it was mentioned before, but I like the idea of having the leagues named according to Cincinnati's organizational hierarchy. EIther having league names MLB, AAA, AA, and A, or having league names Cincinnati, Louisville, Pensacola, and Dayton. I can't remember who suggested this, but i thought it was a cool idea to keep league organization clear to everyone involved.

and again, if all this has been explained somewhere, i apologize, and i kind of wish i had the last 20 minutes of my life back.

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