Newby on board with my take...

Hello to you all from a C-bus Reds fan. Been following them since the BRM days and love em about as much as I love my wife. I've been eavesdropping in here from time to time to get what other fan's takes are and just to see if my thinking was completely irrational or in-line with other people's thinking. So I guess the best way to introduce myself is to give my take on the start of the season and where we're going, etc. I'll start this by saying the Reds will go nowhere until Dusty has been let go. He is too loyal to "his" guys and just flat out doesn't make the right moves like 50% of the time. That being said, I don't see us making the playoffs this year unless Castellini and Walt realize this and send him to his retirement. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I would like to see happen and that is number one on my list. I'm no FO Exec, but I think we're all here to offer our opinions to have them praised, critiqued, etc.

The grocery list -

1. Fire Dusty

2. Release Cairo, bring up Frazier and let him start 3 games a week at 3rd.

3. Start Heisey in left EVERYDAY.

4. Put Chapman in the rotation and Bailey in the bullpen.

5. Let Mesoraco catch more than Hanigan.

6. Put Cozart at leadoff and leave it alone. BP is better at the 2.

Honestly, I could go on and on and on, but this is a start and kind of gives you an idea of where I stand. Dusty just seems to make a wrong move every day and even though it seems like the team likes playing for him, they aren't playing for him. The offense is anemic and the pitching is just "good enough". I know we'll come around eventually and this opinion is not based on 9 games, it's based on ever since Dusty has been the manager. I think my ideal lineup right now looks something like this:

Cozart SS

Phillips 2B

Votto 1B

Bruce RF

Rolen/Frazier 3B

Heisey LF

Mesoraco C

Stubbs CF

Cueto/Latos/Arroyo/Chapman/Leake P

I know, no RLRLRLR philosophy, but who really gives a flying %$&@. Votto and Bruce are our only regular lefties and honestly I think they hit lefties better than our righties do, so what does it matter? You put the guy that can produce the best results in the best position for him to be successful. Phillips now has a hammy issue and those often linger throughout the season. He is a great contact hitter and will be most successful in the 2 hole. Stubbs can't bunt and strikes out way too much so put him at the bottom of the order where if he manages to get on base at the top of an inning the P can bunt him over to second and Cozart or Phillips can knock him in. I love Cozart and hope he is with us for the next 12 years as well. He's the biggest hustler we've had since the Freel days and I think if called upon he can handle the leadoff spot and he's not fast, but if I'm not mistaken didn't he steal 30 bases a couple years ago? I know I'm rambling a little bit now, so I'll cut it off there. I look forward to being a member here and look forward to exchanging with you all soon.


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