"Homer" is not a good name for a pitcher (Kershaw vs. Bailey)

March 14, 2012 (Goodyear, AZ) - It was a split-squad day, and I knew from the earlier game who was likely to be in the starting lineup for the nightcap. I usually sit in the third base side at Goodyear, since that's the Reds side, but I decided to try the first base side for this game.

There are some advantages to sitting on the first base side...



Of course, that meant I was surrounded by Dodger fans. I think there were more of them than us. :-þ

It was kind of cool to be able to look across the field into the Reds dugout. Here they are, lined up for the national anthem.


Joey Votto, taking his position at first.


Homer Bailey was the starting pitcher.


He did not have a good night. It was ugly from the beginning. In just the first inning, he gave up a single, a double, a triple, a walk, a wild pitch, and three runs. It would have been worse, if not for a couple of nice defensive plays. Janish caught a deep popup, and threw it home so quickly the fans were aghast. And Bruce kept a triple from being an inside the park home run with a strong throw in (relayed by Hank-Rod), while Mez did a fantastic job of blocking the plate.

Clayton Kershaw started for the Trolley-Dodgers. Let's just say Homer was a tad overmatched.


Drew Stubbs was quickly dispatched...

1-stubbs_medium was young Henry Rodriguez.


Joey Votto struck out, and Homer Bailey had to take the mound again.

He gave up a home run to A.J. Ellis and a single to Tony Gwynn. Which meant he got to practice his pickoff move.


Gwynn did try to steal 2B, but was gunned down by Mesoraco. Homer escaped the second inning, having given up only one more run.

Jay Bruce walked in the second, and Juan Francisco came to bat.


He hit a deep fly ball to center, and I thought it was gone, but Tony Gwynn caught it at the wall. Drat.

Paul Janish also worked a walk.


But Mesoraco grounded out to end the inning.

Homer Bailey gave up another home run, two walks, and two runs in the third. He was pulled from the game, probably on pitch count.

The infielders got together to chat during the pitching change.





You wouldn't see this kind of joking around after a shellacking like this in a regular season game, but spring training is different.

Votto returned to his position...


And Clay Zavada of the marvelous mustache got the last two outs.


Juan Francisco fields a Juan Uribe ground out.


Paul Janish handles an A.J. Ellis groundout.


Joey looks over the stands...


...and gives a ball to a lucky fan.



Logan Ondrusek pitched the 5th.


He gave up only 1 hit, but with the score 6-0, I don't think the Dodgers were trying very hard.

Paul Janish hit a leadoff double in the bottom of the 5th.


Safe at second...just barely.


Devin Mesoraco popped out, and Corky Miller reached on an error.


Drew Stubbs struck out (shocking but true!), and Brodie Greene, in for Henry Rodriguez, walked.

Joey Votto singled, scoring Janish.


I thought for sure two runs would score, but Greene was gunned down at third before Corky crossed the plate.

Jay Bruce singled in the 6th.


But he was caught stealing.


It wasn't even close. I wonder if it was a hit and run. If so, not the best plan with Juan Francisco at the plate.


He struck out, ending the inning.

Paul Janish made a nice play on a Uribe grounder in the 6th.



Neftali Soto came in for Votto the 7th.


Neftali Soto tries to hold Matt Angle on in the 7th.


Angle steals 2B anyway.


Safe! Brodie Greene can't get the tag down in time.

Ryan LaMarre took over center field for Stubbs.


He grounded into a force out.


Daniel Corcino pitched the 8th.


He gave up one hit, no runs, no walks, and struck out one.

David Vidal, subbed in for END, fields a single.


Neftali Soto at bat in the 8th.


Vidal doubled in the 9th.


But Kris Negron struck out and Chris Berset popped out, ending the game.

Final score: Dodgers 9, Reds 1.

Janish was 1 for 1 with a double, a walk, and a run scored (the only run the Reds scored). Votto was 1 for 3 with a walk. All the pitchers except Bailey and Texeira did pretty well.

Not exactly a competitive game, but I enjoyed seeing the kids play.

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