2012 Reds Depth Charts: Starting pitchers

This is a video of Mat Latos' wind-up. The secret to his success is that he stands completely still for like 10 minutes.

That's it for these. If anyone has any spare names they'd like arranged into a list, I'd be grateful.

We're going to be running player-by-player previews and scouting for the starting rotation, but for now lets look at the larger picture. After trading away Edinson Volquez and Travis Wood - and seeing departures by Matt Maloney and Daryl Thompson - the pool feels a little shallow. But the net improvement that brought Mat Latos to town was worth it (right?) - and if you assume that Jeff Francis will make the team (or take his bonus and start out at AAA), while Chapman will continue starting, maybe there's more depth than it would appear.

The Reds have averaged close to 10 pitchers making at least one start per season in the Dusty Baker era and around 8 pitchers making 3 or more starts. Chapman and Francis could be added to the presumptive starting five and it could easily account for over 90% of starts this season. But considering both players have a somewhat tenuous status, we could see one or more arms from the lower reaches of this list making more than just a few spot starts - especially if injuries mount up.

Age (2012)
40 man?
Zips projected ERA+
2011 IP
Projected '12 IP
Expected level on OD 2012
Johnny Cueto
26 Y 110 156.0 175 MLB
Mat Latos
24 Y 119 194.1 192 MLB
Bronson Arroyo
35 Y 83 199.0 185 MLB
Mike Leake
24 Y 91 167.2 178 MLB
Homer Bailey
26 Y 94 132.0
145 MLB
Jeff Francis
31 N 4.60(ERA) 183.0 95
7 Aroldis Chapman
24 Y 104 50
45 MLB(RP)
Sam LeCure
26 Y 92 77.2 35 MLB(RP)
9 Chad Reineke
28 N 82 6.2 <10 AAA
10 Brett Tomko 39 N 6.33(ERA!!) 17.2 <10 AAA
11 Sean Gallagher
26 N 72 0.0 - AAA
12 Andrew Brackman 26 Y 60 2.1 - AAA
13 Clayton Tanner
24 N 67
- -
14 Pedro Villareal
Y 69 - -
15 Kyle Lotzkar
22 Y - - -

Arm-by-arm look at the rotation coming soon.

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