SIS: The government will FORCE you to get an RFID implant! #reds

OK OK I know this sin't Reds related exactly BUT it is because the reds are people in the United States and so are we and there are some thins people just need to know about. So i did some internnet research and I found out that the obamacare bill that was passed says that we ALL have to get RFID chips implanted in our bodies by next MArch 23 and that the government will be getting information from our bodies sent remotely to the pentagon and that the chips will know everyone about us and will even be linked to our BANK ACCOUNTS. If you think that's bad, the governmant is going to CHARGE everyone $10 dollars a MONTH to have this "service" performed. If you dont believe me read it for yourself:

This new Health Care (Obamacare) law requires an RFID chip implanted in all of us. This chip will not only contain your personal information with tracking capability but it will also be linked to your bank account. ... On Sunday March 21, 2010 the Senate Healthcare bill HR3200 was passed and signed into law the following Tuesday.

Page 1004 of the new law (dictating the timing of this chip), reads, and I quote: “Not later than 36 months after the date of the enactment”

Just ot be clear I VOTED for Obama but I never thought this would happen. If you think this isn't big Brother all over again then i don't know what to tell you my friend. The government was made to create the police and our money and streets NOT to steal information from my body and money from my bank account. UGGGHH!! I don't understand how everyone' does not know about this already I probably wouldnt either but I found it when i was researching on the internet today. I found this comment which i think sums it up very nicely:

it seems that youre right. ive researched because i was quite skeptical. dude it is so stupid how our right to privacy is constantly trying to be taken away from us. God gave us freewill and arent we supposedly a nation under god? but yet butt fudge licking clowns like obama want to take it away
Dont let the BUTT LICKING CLOWNS in congress take away our inharent rights! If you care anything about yourself, the US, freedom, ANYTHING, you need to call congress TODAY and have this bill IMPEACHED. And dont wait to hear it from the media because YOU WONT because they dont tell you what you need to know now-a-days anymore! do youre own research like I DID and see whats going on and open your eyes! Here's another sight where you can see that this is real and if you dont read this one please READ SOMETHING about this. And spread it on your facebook so your friends know too!
And mods please DONT DELETE tHIS! this is NOT political it's just something that everyone needs to know. Here's a list of everyone who is effected by this bill (which has passed and is NOW LAW!):
33 Jose Arredondo R-R 6'0" 175 Mar 12, 1984
61 Bronson Arroyo R-R 6'4" 195 Feb 24, 1977
34 Homer Bailey R-R 6'3" 200 May 3, 1986
50 Andrew Brackman R-R 6'10" 230 Dec 4, 1985
45 Bill Bray L-L 6'3" 225 Jun 5, 1983
54 Aroldis Chapman L-L 6'4" 195 Feb 28, 1988
47 Johnny Cueto R-R 5'10" 220 Feb 15, 1986
56 Josh Judy R-R 6'4" 200 Feb 9, 1986
55 Mat Latos R-R 6'6" 225 Dec 9, 1987
44 Mike Leake R-R 6'1" 185 Nov 12, 1987
63 Sam LeCure R-R 6'1" 205 May 4, 1984
71 Kyle Lotzkar L-R 6'4" 200 Oct 24, 1989
46 Ryan Madson L-R 6'6" 200 Aug 28, 1980
51 Sean Marshall L-L 6'7" 220 Aug 30, 1982
40 Nick Masset R-R 6'4" 240 May 17, 1982
66 Logan Ondrusek R-R 6'8" 230 Feb 13, 1985
62 Jordan Smith R-R 6'4" 220 Feb 4, 1986
76 Pedro Villarreal R-R 6'1" 215 Dec 9, 1987
# Catchers B/T Ht Wt DOB
29 Ryan Hanigan R-R 6'0" 200 Aug 16, 1980
39 Devin Mesoraco R-R 6'1" 220 Jun 19, 1988
# Infielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
43 Miguel Cairo R-R 6'1" 220 May 4, 1974
2 Zack Cozart R-R 6'0" 195 Aug 12, 1985
25 Juan Francisco L-R 6'2" 240 Jun 24, 1987
21 Todd Frazier R-R 6'3" 220 Feb 12, 1986
68 Didi Gregorius L-R 6'1" 175 Feb 18, 1990
7 Paul Janish R-R 6'2" 200 Oct 12, 1982
73 Donald Lutz L-R 6'3" 235 Feb 6, 1989
67 Kristopher Negron R-R 6'0" 180 Feb 1, 1986
4 Brandon Phillips R-R 6'0" 205 Jun 28, 1981
74 Henry Rodriguez S-R 5'10" 150 Feb 9, 1990
27 Scott Rolen R-R 6'4" 245 Apr 4, 1975
69 Neftali Soto R-R 6'2" 180 Feb 28, 1989
3 Chris Valaika R-R 6'0" 210 Aug 14, 1985
15 Wilson Valdez R-R 5'11" 170 May 20, 1978
19 Joey Votto L-R 6'3" 220 Sep 10, 1983
# Outfielders B/T Ht Wt DOB
32 Jay Bruce L-L 6'3" 225 Apr 3, 1987
28 Chris Heisey R-R 6'0" 225 Dec 14, 1984
48 Ryan Ludwick R-L 6'3" 215 Jul 13, 1978
23 Denis Phipps R-R 6'3" 210 Jul 22, 1985
6 Drew Stubbs R-R 6'4"

And also everyone who reads on RedReporter THIS MEANS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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