Red Reposter: What's In Store For Leake in 2013?

Justin K. Aller

Don't worry Mike, Louisville is a pretty happening town.

Sheldon: Leake Preparing for 2013 as a Starter

Walt made his big offseason move last week, acquiring Shin-Soo Choo from the Indians, without having to dip into the well of starting pitching depth. If the Reds are serious about moving Chapman to the rotation, which it seems they are, they have 6 MLB caliber arms for 5 spots in the rotation. As it is not yet Christmas, nothing is set in stone, but it looks like Leake is the odd man out right now.

Leake had his worst year of his young career last season by ERA (4.58), but his peripherals were right in line with his career averages. The only rate stat that looks out of whack is his HR/FB, which spiked 3% higher than his previous 2-year average. Leake himself says in the article that 2012 seemed like a year in which every mistake pitch he threw got crushed, leading to more homers.

The Reds brass are still formulating a plan to limit Chapman's innings while avoiding a Strasburg-esque shutdown in October. Bryan Price had mentioned the possibility of doing something similar to what the Braves did with Kris Melden last year, but again, nothing is set in stone as of yet. Whatever path they decide to take, Chapman will not be throwing 200 innings next season, and Leake will probably end up logging some time in the big league rotation. Just when that is remains to be seen.

Heyman: The Reds are Among Teams Interested in Freddy Garcia

This one is a real head-scratcher. Garcia was not so great last season in the Bronx, and he would likely end up being 7th or 8th on the Reds depth chart for the rotation. Garcia did work in relief last year, but with Olive Garden and Shutdown Sammy in the fold the Reds don't have a need for a long man. The only way this makes sense is if Walt is still working the trade wires. INTRIGUE!

Enquirer: Pete the Younger. Gets a Promotion

Pete Rose, Jr. is making his way up the professional coaching ranks in the White Sox organization, getting a promotion to the Pioneer League as the manager of the Great Falls Voyagers. The Voyagers open their season in Billings taking on our beloved Mustangs.

Craig Robinson: An Anatomical Diagram of Kevin Youkilis

Just click through. Words do not describe it's awesomeness.


Apropos of nothing, here's your Cincinnati soul song of the week.

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