2012 Reds' Season Predictions Contest Results

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Omnibus prediction results for the Reds' 2012 season.

Almost 7 months a go, we got together to do some prognosticating. TheC came to defend his 2011 prediction title, while the Reds came to defend their 3rd place finish.

The off-season moves, "closer controversy" and downturn in the offense (both by the Reds and the league) made this tricky season to predict. Understandably, no one guessed Chapman would lead the team in saves. And most ballots wildly overshot the league run environment.

Still, there were plenty of strong entries. Widespread enthusiasm was justified, even undercooked. It's altogether appropriate that our winner also was the most optimistic on how many wins the Reds would rack up.

Overall winner

badenjr, an honorable mention last year, took a step up the podium this year. He edged out several strong second-place finishers. Despite predicting astronomical run totals, the Baden the Younger was closest on total wins, Votto's OBP and second-closest predicting Chapman's K-rate.

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Honorable mentions: ritalin, FromCubawithLuv, RedStalk, chesirecat, MC Reds Hot


Red Stalk, with 34 homers for Jay Bruce

joshuar9476, with 19 wins for Cueto

MC Reds Hot, with 185 Ks for Latos

ritalin, with a 2.78 ERA for Cueto

Answer key, with closest numerical guesses

Team - overall:

WINS - 97
Closest: 96 (badenjr)

Most of you had this

Closest: 667 (btcoop)

Closest: 620 (GlennBraggsSwingandMissBrokenBat)

Leaders - offense:

AVG LEADER - Votto, .337
Closest: .334 (Charlie Scrabbles)

OBP LEADER - Votto, .474
Closest: .464 (badenjr)

SLG LEADER - Votto, .567
Closest: .575 (DerekH)

Closest (tie): UncleWeez (45), LegalTrouble (43), FromCubawithLuv (43)

HR LEADER - Bruce, 34
Closest: **RedStalk (34)**

SB LEADER - Stubbs, 30
Closest: chesirecat (28)

Leaders - pitching:

WINS LEADER - Cueto, 19
Closest: **joshuar9476 (19)**

SAVES LEADER - Chapman, 38
Closest: no one

ERA LEADER (STARTERS, > 5 GS) - Cueto, 2.78
Closest: **ritalin (2.78)**

ERA LEADER (RELIEVER, > 25 IP) - Chapman, 1.51
Closest: Corky's Stache (1.20)

SO LEADER - Latos, 185
Closest: **MC Reds Hot (185)**

K/9 LEADER - Chapman, 15.3
Closest: chesirecat (13.2)

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