The 2012 Final Prediction Standings

Honestly, the last thing I really wanted to do right now was sit down and see if any ass-hats predicted the San Francisco Giants to win in game 3, 4, and 5. Last night I laid in bed and thought, "I should disqualify whoever picked SF to win game 5." Thankfully, only Giants fans picked them to win both game 5 and 4. Here are the results from the NLDS.

NLDS Game 1: Reds 5-2 TophersReds (2)

NLDS Game 2: Reds 9-0 Ram27, Charlie Scrabbles

NLDS Game 3: Giants 2-1 chesirecat

NLDS Game 4: Giants 8-3 N/A

NLDS Game 5: Giants 6-4 N/A

If someone posted a Giants win for game 4 or 5 somewhere and i missed it, I don't want to hear about it.

I think we all know who won this year. I felt like the biggest competition I was going to have in defending my title this year was going to be from Don or Crolfer. Instead, ManBearPig came out on fire and collected 6 points in the first 4 weeks. In the end, however, Don was unstoppable. It was never even close. I've said all along that had he started earlier last year, he would have not only won, but defended his title this year. Tip of the cap to you Don. Well deserved!

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26 Don
21 chesirecat
20 joshuar9476
19 Red Menace
16 kcgard2
10 CommiePuddin
10 ritalin
10 Ram27
10 TophersReds
9 nlt-andrew68
9 ManBearPig
7 DevilsAdvocate
7 angeeh
7 KmiB
6 UncleWeez
6 redbear
5 brown11b
5 Yossarian22
5 Unmitigated Audacity
5 eastwindquinn
4 TheC
4 RedConn
4 kennythered
4 badenjr
4 sexsalad
4 muffins
3 jch24
3 DerekH91
3 OkieChase
3 bbjones
2 ZJiff30
2 KD1
2 DocRam
2 crolfer
2 AC Slider
2 FernandoRF
2 Grahamophone
2 MC Red Hots
2 btcoop71
1 GreatAmericanRedsFan
1 blark0202
1 JasperRed
1 Supreme Olajuwon
1 HORNyredleg
1 Beef Curtains
1 Madville
1 ink625
1 dcannon5
1 BomerHailey
1 Jack Armstrong
1 CutterAndy
1 onemoreoctober
1 Charlie Scrabbles

A couple of other awards to hand out here:

1. The Rosie Red Award The ladies did a good job of racking up points this year vs last year. Tops amongst them all was angeeh with a total of 7. Good job!

2. The Never Give Up Award While most give us a score using logic and match ups, some just give the same score game after game. It took 165 games (including the All-Star game), but Charlie Scrabbles finally got his point (*).

3. The "How's the Stench Down There?" Award Sorry Weezy, KMiB got the best of you.

In all seriousness, I want to thank every single one of you who participated at least once. I'm not a big stats guy, I really don't watch any other team, and i don't know many of the other players. This is my way of contributing to my favorite website. God willing, I'll be back next year to oversee this operation for the third time.

Go Reds, you're my favorite team.

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