(#44 in Left Field) Play a little let's remember?

Now that's left field not center field. Our Reds #44 outfielders both did some swinging and missing but the more recent #44 missed a fair amount more often and never had quite the tool set of ED.

First and foremost, cudos to the light hitting white sox DH.  The young man has made a hefty living for himself and his family. Regardless of what happens (or happened) inside of the white lines he has set himself up for a comfortable and happy life.

Back between the lines ..... well it sure seem like "ole" MichaelRed was on to something in those Michael Diaries from years gone by.  Some might say that MichaelRed called this one.  (see search for "Michael Diaries"). Some might not.

The Dunn dialogs if sometimes nauseating/annoying were certainly interesting insofar as they were representative of different schools of thought about baseball. 

What is the value of a BB? What is the value of a BB to a player who doesn't run the bases well or very well?. What is the value of a BB to a middle of the order hitter vs. a leadoff or 8th/9th hole hitter?  What is the value of an unintentional intentional BB?  If you think those questions aren't significant in an OBP-centric baseball world I'd suggest you take a seat in the casual baseball fan waiting area. 

How important are RISP hits? How important is an RISP batting average vs. an RISP OBP?  what is the "opportunity cost" to a team of an individual hitter's RISP failures?  How many shortcomings can 40 homeruns cover up? Can you hide everything but ~40 homeruns and ~100 BBs/RBIs/Runs and say nothing else matters give me those numbers?  How much "stuff" in a baseball roster/lineup is "contagious"? And of course how much do we care about strikeouts?

Some would argue that this is the first year when ole #44 has really struggled to a level that he has been a huge liability.  Plenty would argue that up to now his raw cumalitive base total stats had him making perennial contributions to his teams.  Others would argue that what you are seeing now from the ex-Reds #44 is effectively the baseball player he has been all along - only difference is this year he has run into fewer mistake pitches and launched them over the fences which has led to fewer BBs and so on and so on and so on......Some would argue that what you are seeing now statistically is what has been going on all along just under the radar and masked by some long solo homeruns and a bunch of BBs.

Reds post-Jocketty now finally have a team that is capable of playing fundamentally sound, smart, timely, winning baseball.  They went close to a decade with without ever having everyday players that were more than as a group "dangerous".  They were "dangerous".  That was it. 

The former light fielding left fielder has fallen on hard times and may be headed out of the game. I know of at least one person who thought he'd be gone by age 30 so good for him that he already outlasted that prediction.  Of course, he may regroup in the off season and revive his career?  If he did it in a big way and hit 500 homeruns in his career would he be a hall of famer?  In the post All Star Game era, has there ever been a player who made one all star game (rookie season) and ended up in the hall of fame? 

The enigmatic, paradoxical, good natured, big swinging texan is on hard times at the moment. Regardless of when it happens a happy/wealthy retirement awaits him so lose no sleep for the big donkey.

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