SIS - Best multi-movie series

With the final version of Harry Potter now out in theaters, and me having seen a combined maybe 45 minutes of all of the movies, I wanted to get RR's take on the best multi-movie series EVAR.

There's a lot of good series out there, and I know that I won't think of all of them (since we've deemed my intelligence just North of eggplant - who am I kidding? That's an insult to eggplant!) so that's where RR comes in. I know that together we'll figure out the best multi-movie series, or at least enjoy ourselves making fun of our nominations. (cue the music, envelope please)

Per any decent SIS, we'll need some criteria (or is it criterion, b/c there will be multiple?) to figure out what should make the cut, and what shouldn't even be in the argument.

Requirements (since I'm not sure if it's criteria vs. criterion and too lazy to look it up right now while watching The Open Championship - go Martin Kaymer and Fredrick Jacobson!) after the jump.


1. At least 3 movies. If there's only 2 in the series, don't bother listing them. You didn't follow the directions.

2. The series has to have connection to each other, and not other similar franchise movies. Example, Batman. The current Batman only has 2, but has a 3rd on the way. So, once that 3rd comes out, it would qualify, but however currently does not. The 1989 Batman with Michael Keaton had a run of 2 movies (Batman and Batman Returns), but then 1995 Val Kilmer took up the role of Batman (Batman Forever), then we got George Clooney in 1997 (Batman & Robin). So from 1989 to 1997, that Batman franchise yielded 4 movies. It fits requirement 1. However, it has no tie to the Christian Bale Batman, b/c that's a reboot. Hopefully I explained this well, however I'm sure I did not.

2A. James Bond. This is a special subrequirement of #2. Daniel Craig has only given us 2, so you can't list him. However, Sean Connery has given us multiple, as have Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan. If you feel that any of those Bond series with those 3 respective actors should get the top nod, state your case, show your work.

2B. Star Trek. They had at least 5 movies, maybe 6 with the original cast, and then there were some TNG movies (not sure how many), and then they just had a reboot. The latest movie doesn't count towards the series, and you need to consider the Capt Kirk movies separate from the Capt Picard movies, fair?

3. Don't put the Matrix. Yes, there were 3 of them. 2 of them were turrible. You've been put on notice.

4. Best does not mean highest grossing at the box office. Harry Potter will kick the asses of all series, and it won't even be close, but that's b/c it's also the newest with the latest and greatest technology and I'm pretty sure it also has the most movies. Regardless, do not fall into the trap that $$$$ = Best.

5. If you think a series should be considered on the merit of the series itself, state your case and show your work. You could think that James Bond is the best series EVAR based on its complete body of work. You'd be an idiot, but you could try to make a compelling argument, and I look forward to reading it. You could also try to make a similar argument about the Batman movies as a whole, or The Fast & the Furious, or Star Trek. Again, certainly decisions....

6. This is not genre specific. The Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St franchises/series were very successful, and made a lot of movies. They certainly are worth the discussion.

7. There is no right answer, aside from The Matrix. The Matrix series is not the correct answer.

8. Feel free to be selective in movie series inclusion. Example, Indiana Jones minus Crystal Skull. I might actually make that argument. That series was definitely in the discussion before that stinker, therefore, I wouldn't include it and I try to put it out of my memory but damn the people at USA for always including it in the Indiana Jones marathons that seem to be on every other weekend.

9. Have fun with this. Be creative. We'll probably have some "oh yeah!" moments where we forgot about some series entirely b/c we'd either seen them so long ago, or other various reasons.


Author's note: when I state my selection(s), I will only list movies I've seen. I admittedly have not seen but 45 minutes of all the Harry Potters combined, so I cannot legitimately say that they are the bee's knees. Not all of you have to follow this optional rule, but I wanted to let y'all know where I'm coming from.

Go Reds! They're my favorite team!

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