Farmers Only Farmer's Market: Once more, with feeling

First things first, some promotions. Henry Rodriguez is now in Carolina, and both Kyle Lotzkar and Stalin Gerson are now with the Dayton Dragons. Expect more promotions in the next few weeks.

Second, your friendly OPS Trackers, with a new name in LF.

Reds SS OPS Tracker

Paul Janish: .535
Edgar Renteria: .571
Zack Cozart: .862

Reds LF OPS Tracker

Fred Lewis: .581
Jonny Gomes: .736
Chris Heisey: .771
Dave Sappelt: .952
Todd Frazier: .879
Yonder Alonso: .876

I wanted desperately to highlight some below the radar players who are having great seasons, but there aren't any right now. So instead, we're going with some usual suspets.


Donnie Joseph

DoJo has been much, much better lately. His season ERA is still ugly (8.46) but in his last 7 games he has thrown 6.2 IP and allowed just 1 hit and 1 walk while striking out 4.

Zack Cozart

I realize I'm becoming a self-parody at this point, but Cozart couldn't be doing much more to prove himself. His last 10 games he has put up a line of .463/.500/.659.

Dave Sappelt

Sapp would be on this list for no other reason than being back in the lineup, but he also hasn't missed a beat. In his 3 games back he has hit 4-15. Add his name to the list of guys we wish would get a shot on the Reds.


Ryan LaMarre

I've been a big LaMarre supporter, but he has done nothing to reward that support so far. This year his OPS is a mere .680 and he's hitting for no power in the hitter-friendly Cal League.

Daniel Tuttle

Thundering Tuttle has struggled a bit in his first year of full-season ball, to the tune of a 4.87 ERA. The Ks and BBs are still good, so hopefully his luck improves a bit and he can put in a strong second half.

DiDi Gregorius

He's finally playing again, which is good. He's still not hitting, which is bad. If Gregorius can't put up decent offensive numbers this year in Bakersfield, I think his future as a starting SS is seriously in question.

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