DO NOT CHALLENGE ME: Why Marty Brennaman is still a lot of fun


So by now I'm assuming most folks have heard about Marty's takedown of Cardinals Joe Pettini, Gerald Laird and "that infantile" Dave Duncan for Sunday's Coco Cordero incident. If not, click that link or check out the audio here

Now, to me this served as a reminder of something I wanted to do a long time ago: Post an awesome tape of Marty cursing out a Reds staffer ON AIR.

I'm sure this isn't the first time or the last this has happened, given that Marty Brennaman recently anointed himself the No. 2 best curser in the major leagues behind Tommy LaSorda. But I have the audio to prove it.

Dont Challenge Me

This is from a game in 2008, and the story as I remember it is that someone from the Reds' media department (Rob Butcher?) came up to the booth to question whether Marty should have revealed some super classified piece of information, likely related to an injury or Wayne Krivsky's preferred style of underwear. Marty was not all that thrilled about the exchange, and this short conversation is what you heard on the air (make sure your speakers are all the way up.).

Marty Brennaman: One ball, one strike the count, with two outs and the bases empty. (irritated silence). Down and away a ball.

Jeff Brantley: Strike.

Marty: (to Brantley) Take over. (to emerging beneficiary of Marty's ire)  Do you think I'm fucking stupid? Dusty Baker called, said use it on the radio. 

Cynical beneficiary of Marty's ire:  Oh REALLY?

Marty: YES. Don't challenge me anymore. When I use something like that do not challenge me.

Muffled and garbled beneficiary of Marty's ire: No this is what you did (??)

Marty: You heard what I just told you. (back to full volume) Pitch is outside, the count evens at two balls and two strikes. 

As far as I know this was some little spat three years ago and has all been forgiven and forgotten by now. I'm just glad Marty gives us these reasons to continue listening to the radio.  

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