First off i want to let it be known that i got off work at 5:30am, With a miller light home draught in the fridge; i have started my opening day on a VERY good note. 

Today, is opening day. Now most of you are probably thinking "who the hell is this guy? opening day was last week" Well fellow Reds fans, a Louisvillian. Tonight is opening day for the Louisville Bats. You're wonderful Triple A team. I am STOKED.

Last year was my first year going to more than 5 games. Lets be real, the Bats haven't been the sharpest tools in the shed lately, but i figured what the hell lets go see why. what did i get? A 5'6" Left handed pitcher throwing no more than an 85 mph fastball and a change up that makes me go "wait was that rolling down the grass?". 8 innings later, Winning and thinking, "fantastic i got good tickets to a good game" , i watched a baseball fly 104 mph from the pitchers mound to home plate. At this point you can input any expletive you can think of; as i was raised by a truck driver and have the mouth of a sailor i tend to express my feelings of holy crapness in the words of satan.

From that point on, the reds ran with it and didn't look back until they were smoking cigars and pouring god knows what all over each other celebrating a clinch. What a year, 2010. I will miss Chapman here in the ville thought.

Here we are in 2011.

2 not so good volquez stars but amazing come from behind wins

only 2 batters without a homerun, 43 runs total in a 5-0 start? WOW

5-0, and only chuck norris could explain how badass this is.

Tonight, starts the beginning of Reds AAA baseball. You're back up. You're rookies. You're future Jay Bruces. You're Louisville Bats. Recognize.


Attending my first grown up REDS game on May 1st. THIS YEAR WILL BE AMAZING. Opening Day tonight, another game on saturday. Baseball is officially in full swing.

If the phils can have little roy...then the Reds can have Little Reds Countr...????

screw it i'm going with it. VIVA LITTLE REDS COUNTRY!!!! LETS GO REDS! LETS GO BATS!

In the famous words of a one, Charlie Sheen.


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