MAY Pop Quiz

All right class.  Put away all your notes and please write in virtual ink only.  Here is the quiz for May.  Some questions have been repeated from last month.  Some have been reworked.  Some are completely new.  In addition to the true/false, over/under, and multiple choice questions, there are now some fill-in-the-blanks.  Sorry, no matching. 

All questions refer strictly to games taking place during the month of May unless otherwise specified.  I will try to get back to the thread periodically during the month and post some mid-term grades as some of the questions are resolved.  Please have your tests completed before the first pitch on Monday, the 2nd.

This month we are playing for an imaginary Klu jersey sleeve.  Definitely NOT game-worn.


Deadline extended 24 hours due to rainout! 

1.     (T/F) Paul Janish will close out the month hitting with a higher season BA than Jay Bruce.

2.     (T/F)  Jonny Gomes will start at DH in at least 2 of the 3 games in Cleveland.

3.     (T/F)  Reds catchers will catch more runners stealing than the number of times the Reds themselves will be caught stealing.

4.     (T/F)  There will be at least one CG shutout tossed by a Red.

5.     (T/F)  One or more of Sappelt, Willis, Alonso, or Mesoraco will appear in a Reds game.

6.     (T/F)  The Reds will win a game by at least ten runs.

7.     (T/F)  One or more Reds pitchers will notch at least four wins during the month.

8.     (T/F)  There will be two or more saves earned by relievers not named Cordero.

9.     (T/F)  The Reds will start the day in first (or tied) more days than not.

10.   (T/F)  The Reds will have a winning streak during the month of at least four games.

11.   (T/F)  Reds will hit back-to-back homers at least three times during the month.

12.   (T/F)  Drew Stubbs will have at least 50% more SB than HR.

13.   (MC)  More HRs will be hit by (a) Bruce/Votto, (b) Phillips/Gomes/Stubbs, or (c) all others.

14.   (MC)  The team leader in games started @ third base during the month will be: a. Rolen, b. Francisco, c. Cairo, or d. all others combined (Janish, Valaika, etc.).

15.   (FIB)  The roster pitcher with the most base hits as a batter this month will be ______________.

16.   (T/F)  Chris Heisey will be the team leader in PH hits.

17.   (MC)  The holds leader will be (a)Masset, (b)Chapman, or (c)someone else.

18.   (T/F)  The Reds will hit at least one walkoff HR.

19.   (T/F)  Jay Bruce will have more OF assists than all other OF combined.

20.   (O/U)  Number of players to bat second in the starting lineup = 3.5.

21.   (T/F) Dusty will use at least 6 relievers in a single game.

22.   (O/U) Season-to-date home attendance will increase by 10% over the same # of home dates in 2010 (Apr/May combined).

23.   (T/F)  The Reds will turn more DPs than their opponents.

24.   (T/F)  All Reds pitching starts this month will come from the group of Volquez, Arroyo, Cueto, Bailey, Wood, Leake.

25.  (FIB)  Of the above group, the first to appear in relief will be __________________

Extra credit (otherwise known as the tiebreaker) Total number of walks by Gomes for the month (closest without going over).

Please express answers in shorthand:  (T/F, O/U, a, b, c, etc.).

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