Jim Edmonds sounds off on the Cincinnati Reds



Jim Edmonds was a fan favorite during his time with the Cincinnati Reds last season. Perhaps no player has been as beloved since Pete Rose and Johnny Bench.

Edmonds went on St. Louis radio today to wax negative about his experience the Reds doctors and "one guy" on the team. (NOTE: I've revised this post a bit to take out some of the negativity. The interview really wasn't all that negative. It was a mixed bag of nuts overall.) He also had some nice things to say about many of the players but claimed they were not ready for a playoff run last year. Lance McAllister was nice enough to give us the goods on his Twitter feed. The whole thing can be read here.

Again, I'm really pretty surprised by the whole thing, as I know how much he was embraced by the Reds community, especially here on RR.


 "(My foot injury was) really frustrating. I don't know the right words to use towards the Cincinnati doctors."

Again, another surprise. The Reds' doctors are generally known to poke in all the right places. 

"The worst thing I did was accept that trade for Walt (Jocketty). ... I should have shut it down and went home."

Should have GONE home! GONE home Jim! You should have GONE home! 

"I kind of a had a feeling that playoff experience was going to play out the way it did. They didn't seem like they were ready last year."

This is probably true.

"They have a bunch of good guys...other than that one situation (The Whiny Little Brawl) and that one player (@DatDudeBP)."

When I first read this I thought he meant Cueto, but Lance cleared things up on his Tweeter, saying that Edmonds does not care for Brandon Phillips. Assuming Lance is right.

"They are all actually pretty good except that one guy. There are a few guys that have chips on their shoulders."


"Overall, the 1B, their young CF, their young RF are great guys. Their LF Johnny Gomes I think is very misread (??)."

OK, let's break this one down. The young center fielder he's referring to is Drew Stubbs. The young right fielder is Jay Bruce, whom Edmonds mentored and, some say, helped find his swing. The first baseman is obviously Mike Costanzo. I have no clue what the comment about Gomes means.

"Obviously Scotty (Rolen) is over there and their catcher is pretty good. I don't know they are as talented as we would be in St. Louis."

That's a very nice thing to say about Ryan Hanigan. And the idea that the Reds are less talented than the Cardinals, well, you can't really argue that!

Mazel Tov!


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