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Here is another prediction thread because there's never enough predictions to go around at this time of year.  There are 25 questions below.  Some are multiple choice, some true/false, some over/under for the wagering types among us.  All questions refer to games taking place from Opening Day to April 30 only.  I think the first pitch of game 2 will be the cutoff for entries. 

What does the winner get?  One invisible Joe Morgan clubhouse robe (sorry it’s not autographed)

1.       (O/U) Paul Janish will play 65% of defensive innings.

2.       (O/U)  Jonny Gomes will play 70% of defensive innings.

3.       (O/U)  Ryan Hanigan will play 51% of defensive innings.

4.       (T/F)  Starting pitchers will earn more wins than relievers.

5.       (T/F)  One or more of Sappelt, Willis, or Arredondo will appear in a game.

6.       (T/F)  The Reds will win a game by at least ten runs.

7.       (T/F)  A Reds pitcher will have at least four wins.

8.       (T/F)  There will be two or more saves earned by relievers not named Cordero.

9.       (T/F)  The Reds will finish the month at least two games over .500.

10.   (T/F)  The Reds will have a winning streak during the month of at least three games.

11.   (T/F)  Joey Votto will lead team in at least two of: HR, RBI, OPS.

12.   (T/F)  BP will hit in at least four different places in the starting batting order.

13.   (MC) More HRs will be hit by (a) Bruce/Votto, (b) Rolen/Gomes/Stubbs, or (c) all others.

14.   (T/F)  Stubbs/Phillips will combine for more SB than the remainder of the team.

15.   (T/F)  A Reds pitcher will throw a complete game this month.

16.   (T/F)  The Reds will spend at least four days in first place (ties included).

17.   (T/F)  Chris Heisey will be the team leader in PH hits.

18.   (MC)  The holds leader will be (a)Masset, (b)Chapman, or (c)someone else.

19.   (T/F)  The Reds will hit at least one walkoff HR.

20.   (T/F)  Jay Bruce will have more OF assists than all other OF combined.

21.   (O/U)  Number of players to bat leadoff (starting lineup only) = 3.5.

22.   (T/F) Dusty will use at least 6 relievers in a game.

23.   (O/U) Home attendance will increase by 10% over the same # of home dates in 2010.

24.   (T/F)  The Reds will turn more DPs than their opponents.

25.   (MC)  Who will start more games this month: (a) Cairo, (b) Heisey, (c) Renteria, or (d) Francisco.

Extra credit (otherwise known as the tiebreaker) Total number of strikeouts by Chapman for the month (closest without going over).

Be good boys and girls and do your own work.  Please express answers in shorthand:  (T/F, O/U, a, b, c, etc.).

There will be a make-up quiz next month for those who need it.

Any questions before we begin?  Yes, Homer?  No, the curve doesn't get graded, but it will be graded on the curve. 

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