Bad Day at Black Rock (Reds vs. Padres)

GOODYEAR, AZ (MARCH 25, 2011) - For the second time in three days, the Reds faced the Padres.  This time, at home.

It was bring your kid to work day for Jonny Gomes.


(Actually, I'm not sure if that was his kid or not.  He works with a lot of children's charities, or it may have been a friend's child.  Kid kind of looked like him, though.)

How do you get an Italian guy to stop talking?  Tie his hands behind his back!


(I know, I know.  "That's racist.")

Before the game, Joey Votto waved at the fans as he walked by, not stopping...until he saw a familiar face in the crowd, turned around, and came back. 


The person in question was a personal acquaintance, and Joey seemed very happy to see him.  They had apparently arranged to meet.  Joey said, "You didn't come around to the clubhouse."       

The guy was an older gentlemen; I was a little concerned that he would hurt himself climbing over the seats.  As he clambered past me, he told me that he was one of Joey's doctors.  (I refrained from saying, "Oh, a shrink, eh?" ;-)

Edinson Volquez started for the Reds.


He got off to a slow start.  The Padres' leadoff hitter, former Red Chris Denorfia, singled.


Voltron picked off Deno, but gave up three more singles and a ground rule double before a 6-3 double play ended the inning.  Two runs scored, and he was lucky it was only two.  The fans were yelling that he should be sent to Louisville, and cursing the Reds for trading away Josh Hamilton.

Casey Kelley, son of Billings manager Pat Kelly, started for the Padres.


He has a 3.00 ERA so far this spring. Not bad for a 21-year-old kid in the thin Arizona air.

Edgar Renteria throws out Rob Johnson as Brad Hawpe rounds 2nd.


The Reds tied it up in the third.  Chris Valaika walked, Volquez hit a sac bunt, and Brandon Phillips and Edgar Renteria singled.  With one on, one out, and Votto coming to the plate, I had high hopes.  But Joey grounded into a double play.  For the second time in the game.


Not a great game for Jo-eh.  He went 0 for 3: two GIDPs, one strikeout.

I like the red beads Volquez had in his hair.


Deno and third base coach Glenn Hoffman.


Denorfia went 2 for 4 and is batting over. 400 this spring training.

Deno chases a Jay Bruce double in the 4th.


Jonny Gomes chews tobacco.


Chris Valaika chews bubblegum.


Volquez settled down after the first inning.


He wasn't exactly lights-out, but he only gave up one more run: a homer to Ryan Ludwick.

Blake Tekotte dives and misses. Double for Dave Sappelt!


Miguel Rojas singled, then was caught in a rundown trying to stretch it to a double.


Bill Bray pitched the 6th.


He got three quick outs: groundout, fly out, strike out.

Chris Heisey singled and stole a base in the 6th.


He was stranded when Corky Miller grounded out to end the inning.

Logan Ondrusek pitched the 7th.


He had a rough inning, giving up 4 hits, 4 runs (only one earned) and 2 walks.

Jeremy Hermida doubled in the 8th.


Fred Lewis singled...


...scoring Hermida.


But Heisey popped out and Corky flied out, ending the inning.

Lewis returns to the dugout after being stranded on first.


Matt Maloney pitched the 8th and 9th.


He was pretty solid in the 8th inning, but gave up three runs in the 9th.

He got the first two outs easily, but then it was single, stolen base, double, single, wild pitch, single.

Jeremy Hermida can't get to Logan Forsythe's double.


Final score: San Diego 10, Cincinnati 4.  Unlike the other games I saw this week, this one wasn't even close.

This was the last game of spring training for me.  As has become traditional, the last game wasn't the best.  Maybe the universe is trying to ease me back into the salt mines.  (But a bad day at the ballpark still beats a good day at the office!)

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