Adam Wainwright might need TJ

It sounds like Adam Wainwright might need Tommy John surgery.  I remember last year when the Cardinals were officially out of the race they shut him down for his last start.  There was criticism of the move because of the Cy Young race, but he reportedly had a right elbow strain and inflammation.  Then a couple weeks ago it was reported that he might have a slight tear a right elbow ligament.  Then this report came out from Rotowire today.

Wainwright felt a tug in his right elbow while throwing Monday and will return to St. Louis to have it examined, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Joe Strauss reports. However, club officials believe Tommy John surgery is the most likely outcome.

I know that it is still speculation that he needs the surgery.  But, usually when it is speculated you need TJ then you need it.  The would almost certainly mean the Cardinals will lose Wainwright for the entire season and a good chunk of next season.

The question is how does this change the overall outlook of the NL Central?  The Cardinals were still seen as the leader, in some circles, even with their huge question marks.  Last year they were carried by Carpenter, Wainwright, and Garcia, and the rest of their starters were terrible.  Now they only have Carpenter and Garcia.  Carpenter is always a pitch away from destruction, is 35, and is apparently starting to show some signs of regression.  Who knows what the Cardinals will get from Garcia.  He broke on the scene last year and is sure for some sort of regression this year and probably a sophomore slump.  The problem for St. Louis is that they have limited depth in the rotation.

What do you think is the Cardinal's next course of action?  I think Kevin Millwood will finally get that Major League Contract he was looking for.

How does this change your view of your predicted Cardinal's standing this year?  Do they slip even farther?  Could they be passed by the Astro's or Cubs

Either way the Cardinals are an injury away from the Little Bitch Carpenter from their rotation being led by Garcia and Lohse. 



Carpenter: Adam, this is how I use to throw a baseball.  It was awesome and innovative.

Wainwright:  Ok, i'll give it a shot.  What can it hurt?  *elbow explodes*


Carpenter's Son:  *Snickers from the dugout*

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