Red Reporter NL Team Previews: 2011 Sign-up Thread

Spring Training is coming up, so it's time for us to take a look at the other teams in the National League, written in the view of our very own Red Reporters.  This has been a really popular feature in the past, and it's always helpful to know your competition. 

The premise here is simple.  Throughout the course of 3 weeks in March, every weekday will see another team preview written by a RR poster.  As for the format, it's very flexible.  Each post needs to answer the following questions (same as other years):

  • What is the team's overall outlook for the 2011 season?
  • Who are the key losses/additions to the team?
  • What pitchers/hitters do the Reds not want to see?
  • Who are the pitchers/hitters the Reds are looking forward to facing?
  • Any rookies/prospects of interest we can expect to see this season?
  • Any history of note between the two teams?
  • Any former Reds?

You can feel free to add whatever you want to these as well, and answer these as creatively or non-creatively as you want.  Previous examples include adding extra categories, hilarious headlines, and even examples of pigs flying in a frozen hell.  You can write it from your own perspective, use song lyrics, or even allow special guests.  It doesn't even have to be jokey.  Whatever you want, as long there's good information in it.

Here are the list of teams, and who's doing the preview for it (will be updated as we go):

NL East
3/7 - New York Mets - andromache
3/8 - Philadelphia Phillies - ken
3/9 - Atlanta Braves - -ManBearPig
3/10 - Florida Marlins - Cy Schourek
3/11 - Washington Nationals - ZJiff30
NL West
3/14 - Arizona Diamondbacks - RoastBeefKazenzakis
3/15 - Los Angeles Dodgers - beckryac
3/16 - Colorado Rockies - Corky's Stache
3/17 - San Diego Padres - Sports goggles 4 lyfe
3/18 - San Francisco Giants - chesirecat
NL Central
3/21 - Chicago Cubs - Geki
3/22 - St. Louis Cardinals - crolfer
3/23 - Pittsburgh Pirates - johnu1
3/24 - Houston Astros - kcgard2
3/25 - Milwaukee Brewers - Kevin Mitchell is Batman

If you'd like to do a preview, let me know in the comments.  First come, first served, and I'll be updating this post until the teams are done.  These will start Monday, March 7th, and run one division per week until Friday, March 25th.  On your day, post your preview in the FanPosts section.

If something comes up and you're not able to do your preview, please let me know.  The last thing we want to be doing is trying to hunt you down to get a preview out of you when there are others willing to help out.  If you do need to change things up, send me an email (at the bottom of the page), and we'll work it out.

Let's go NL!  It's my favorite league!

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