SIS: You're All A Bunch of Profane Motherfuckers Edition

So a certain RR regular texts me around 11 AM this morning, suggesting I check out a humorous response to a question I posed before I went into work.  I shoot back a text saying that I can't b/c RR is blocked at work.  I work in big, bad Corporate America where we filter every thing, Big Brother watches everything I do, my interwebz traffic is monitored like whoa, and every now and then I'll get a friendly email or phone call from our fascist saying that I either approached the line and or crossed the line.  Oops, sorry.


So, my previous attempt to get to RR @ work, the denial response I received was the same I got when I tried to check my ESPN Fantasy Baseball Team; Site Blocked: Pro Sports (Fantasy).  I thought to myself, "Odd, RR isn't a Fantasy site, I wonder what some of the tags are that might filter it as such?"  So, this was back in July when I first started, I didn't know the right people to get what I want, what I need, so I knew to not wade too far from the shallow end of the pool.


Back to today after the jump....

So I call up my buddy who works in our Interwebz traffic monitoring division and say "Hey Rob, I tried getting to this website, and I get an access denial message for Fantasy Sports, and this is a Cincinnati Reds message board.  Can I get a site exception?"  While on the phone I hear him typing, and he says "Ping me the address, I'll see how it's tagged, and then I'll map it to your single sign on, make sure it's legit."

I send him the link, I hear some clicking, some typing and he says "yeah, looks like a pretty cool site, refresh your browser, you should be good to go."  I think him, and I'm on my merry little posting on RR way.  This is 11:15.

I get a call back from Rob at 11:37 (right before I leave for lunch) and he says "Dude, I just did a site audit, and what the Hell kind of site IS this?  I thought you said it was a Cincinnati Reds message board?  I just ran it through all of our filters, and the only one it missed was hardcore porn.  Nudity, language, sex, it hit all of them.  The first thing that jumped out at me was some story about Mickey Mantle getting some at Yankee Stadium, and then it would downhill from there.  We need to talk about this site when you get back from lunch."

So I really don't know what to say.  I mean he's absolutely right, and I should have thought about the fact that had he ran a site audit, RR would fail, and fail hard.  I call Rob back when I get back from lunch and say "How bad is this?"  He tells me I'm not in trouble, b/c he gave me the exception, and he's not in trouble b/c thankfully we're not a porn site, but Rob said he wanted to walk me and talk me through what he found during the site audit.

Basically, we're a bunch of profane motherfuckers.  All of us.  We post a lot of questionable pictures, and pictures that are beyond questionable.  We like to swear, and swear a lot.

I ask you RR, who do you think is the most Profane (I know, we've kinda covered this, but let's really get to the bottom of it this time)?

What's your favorite objectionable post of all time on RR?

Which posters do you think got flagged the most in the site audit at my work, and why?

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