HighlifemanHoopla - the best way to get away from your family after Thanksgiving!

While I'm certainly not on the level of thevole around these parts (who is really, except maybe crolf-dog?), and this won't have the grand turn out of VoleFest (I mean really, what ever would?), I figured I'd extend the invitation to the general Cincinnati RR public (I'd say Tri-State Area, but I only know a few idiots stupid enough to get in the car to come see me!) if you want to experience an awesome evening your evening ruined to meet The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Highlifeman21! Line forms to the right people....

While everyone that will attend (and some people are contractually obligated by rent a Red Reporter) knows this get together will involve food, the question is when, where, and pray tell what?

Details after the jump. Might as well, right?

When: Saturday, November 26

Where: By Golly's

              714 Lila Ave

              Milford, OH

              (at that funky 5 points intersection, if you're familiar with Milford)

Time: TBF'D - Most likely 7 PM at the absolute earliest

What: Is Highlifeman stupid enough to get talked into the By Golly's challenge, currently named the Jammin' Joe after some guy named Joe Larue who currently holds the record @ 7:26? Methinks no, however maybe I'll just take on the quantity? Or, maybe I'll just leave room for more liquid bread? Maybe I'll go with my 'ol standby, the Needmore Double Cheeseburger. Excellent burger:bun:cheese ratio!

The fun: IF, and I have no idea if they have it, will have it, what have you, but.... If by the time this Hoopla happens, By Golly's has that gawdawful Yuengling Lager in some fashion (draught or bottle only, HLM21 don't do Yuengling outta the can) I will drink ONE YUENGLING for every attendee that drinks a High Life draught! Challenge Accepted!


So yeah, those are the deets. We'll use the comments to find out who wants to meet me for the first time, who wants to say hi yet again, or who wants to show up at By Golly's maybe just to kick my ass, who knows where the night will take us?!

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