Bleacher Report's Take on Renteria

I found this "article" (Honestly, what is a "slideshow" anyway? Write something substantial please, I'm not a toddler who needs pictures to stay focused) over at Bleacher Report this morning and all I can say is ... well ... I'm not really sure what to say. Read it yourself and explain to me why anyone would ever read Bleacher Report with any regularity.

One you've perused it, I think you'll agree that Reasons 2 and 5 are especially convincing.


Reason #2. Money Could Have Been Spent More Wisely

"Instead [of paying Renteria, Hernandez, Gomes, and Cairo], the Reds could have signed Lance Berkman, who went to the Cardinals for $8 million."

First of all, we need Edgar Renteria and Miguel Cairo as backup IFs, Jonny Gomes as a cheap LF with a good bat and bad D, and Ramon Hernandez as one of our two Catchers--and, regardless of who in particular we got to fill those roles, I think we can all agree that $8MM for those four guys is not too bad. If we weren't paying those guys but instead Lance Berkman, we'd have little depth to the team. Berkman can barely play OF anymore; he sure as hell can't back up in the IF and catch.

Secondly, had we signed Berkman, where would we have played him?? Certainly not in the OF like the Cards plan to (which IMHO is a bad move, even if his bat is still potent I don't like the compromise on defense they're making), and definitely not at 1B since we have Votto--a fact that this writer at BR conveniently forgot I suppose.

Reason #5: Renteria Is Not a Leader

"Orlando Cabrera was not a good player, but he was a leader in the clubhouse at least. Renteria, the World Series MVP, is not a veteran like Cabrera or Scott Rolen is. He will not be a team leader."

Well, I'd more or less agree on OCab. He was less than stellar at SS last season but he did add something to the team chemistry and the clubhouse atmosphere. But honestly, whatever your thoughts or feelings about the signing of Renteria and how much he will impact the team and be a team leader, how can you possibly state or claim that the man's not as much of an MLB veteran as Cabrera or Rolen? 

Renteria: WS MVP, 5x All Star, 2x GG, 3x SS, 15 seasons experience.

Cabrera: 2x GG, 14 seasons experience.

Rolen: 6x All Star, 8x GG, 1x SS, Rookie of the Year (1997), 15 seasons experience.


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