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  • I'm thinkin' Arbies
    The Reds have only two players who have yet to settle their arbitration contracts. Johnny Cueto wants $3.9 mil and Edinson Volquez wants $2 mil. The Reds are offering $3 mil and $1.3 mil, respectively. Those are decent but not insurmountable gaps, so I would assume they both get settled before going to the arbiter.

  • I want every one of you reading this
    whether you are at your desk at work or, like Slyde, sitting at home watching the neighbor watch the afternoon news, to stand up and give Mack Jenkins the ovation of gratitude he deserves. Then click through and read the article.  Or read the article first, if you are all about process and whatnot. 

    Jenkins is a company man, with the Reds now for 23 seasons. He's been a pitching coach at every level and has been the organization pitching coordinator since 2006. He's at least partially (if not mostly) responsible for the surge of homegrown pitchers the Reds won the the division with this past season.

    "Part of developing a Travis Wood is developing a routine that begins as soon as he begins to play in pro ball," Jenkins said. "You can't do that when you start one week and the next week you're relieving...Each guy is different. On the same staff in Dayton we had Johnny Cueto, Carlos Fisher and Wood. All there workloads shouldn't be the same. Wood was a 150-pound high school pitcher from Arkansas. Fisher was coming out of college and he had a much more mature body. He could handle more pitches per game than Travis."

    This is a terrific and inspiring read. It is really heartening to know your team is doing something right after so, so, so many years of doing it wrong. Oh, and here's a mind blow for you: This season, Johnny Cueto figures to make his 100th start as a Red. He'll be the first homegrown pitcher to do that since Brett Tomko.

  • It was 20,000 days a go today, "The Judge" taught the league to play
    Frank Robinson made his debut on April 17, 1956, going 2-for-3 with a walk. Robinson hit a ground-rule double in his very first trip to the plate. Chris Jaffe doesn't hesitate to single out Frank as the greatest of the four, count 'em, four HOFers that debuted on that same day. Robinson, currently Senior VP of Baseball Ops in the Commissioner's Office, was recently hospitalized, but has since been released with a "clean bill of health." Long may you run, Frank.

  • nathan Mayo of MLB.com is listing his top 10 prospects at each position
    Here is what he has to say about Yonder Alonso, #5 on his list of 1Bs: "Finally 100 percent following a hand injury, Alonso had a huge second half of 2010 after starting off the season sluggishly. By hitting .335/.415/.561 after the All-Star break, all of Alonso's hitting tools were on display: hitting for average, power and getting on base. The only problem now is finding a place for that bat. Joey Votto isn't going anywhere. Alonso has played some left field, but first is his better position."

    I still really like Yonder, and it would be terrific if they gave him a shot in LF again, but methinks he's just too Donkeyish out there to get a good, extended look. He's still a top-notch bat though, so hopefully the Reds can find a good home for him in trade.

  • On Mayo's list of catchers
    Devin Mesoraco ranks a surprising #5. Here's his blurb: "The 2007 first-round pick battled injuries over his first few years as a pro, and his middling performance kind of forced him off the prospect map. Then he broke out in '10, playing at three levels and showing the offensive capabilities the Reds thought he had when they drafted him out of high school. He can hit for average and power (.302/.377/.587 in '10) and while he still needs to work on his overall receiving, he's got an outstanding arm (he threw out 41 percent of basestealers last season). He finished last year in Triple-A, and that's where he'll start '11. Don't be surprised to see him in Cincy at some point this season." Also a surprise is the absence of Yasmani Grandal from the list. I like him better than a few guys Mayo has listed, but it's hard to complain about one man's list.

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