SIS - Overrated Stuff

The chatter of the weekend at the driveway mini-bonfire was What's The Most Overrated Stuff Out There?   You know, the stuff that garners good publicity that just isnt your cup of tea.  I found it most interesting that the most divisive category was music.  No shocker to me, I've said for years that people publically state they like bands and singers that they really, deep down, don't care for all that much in an attempt to look  hipper and cooler.  

(as an aside, I'm really, really, really glad the Reds are back from San Diego AND that the Black Keys concert is over.  Now....let's get back to focusing 100% on winning baseball.  No way in hell Pete Rose, Tony Perez, and Joe Morgan would have spent needless hours fawning over such a concert the last 10 days of a pennant season. Have I mentioned I'm glad Joey Votto doesn't Tweet?) 


Back to Overrated Stuff: 

Dunkin Donuts Coffee -   I know a ton of my NE pals disagree.  But, it really sucks.  Tastes like bark to me.  

Borat - sorry tHan.  Not one of my faves, even on repeated viewings.  Can't wait to see Bruno and see if it slides under the bar set by Borat.   

The Shack - written by some guy.  just unreadable.  probably the worst book selection by bible study groups since "The Five People You Meet in Heaven".  

The NFL Network's Weekly Highlight Recap Show -  Back in the day I certainly loved me some Chris Berman and Tommy Jackson Primetime action before it got old and tired.   The NFL Network show is turrible.   Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin are buffoons, completely unwatchable.  I can't wait for the Michael Vick balloon to pop, fyi.  "YOUDOWHATYOUDOMIKEVICK" seven times in a highlight package is pure garbage.  Ick.  

Mad Men - tried it, couldn't stick with it.  I know several other people who admit the same.  yet, i see this mentioned as the best show on television time and time again.  False.  The best show on television is Psych.  

The Green Movement - just had a large national company start paying its folks via paycard this weekend due to a corporate initiative to "Go Green".  Naturally, none of the PIN worked and none of the employees were able to access their payroll funds.   And i'm not sure how a reloadable plastic card is greener than direct deposit into a demand deposit account at a credit union/bank...but several large companies are falling for that rub.  

Tapas -  nuff said.  

First Watch - terrible coffee and overpriced food.  dollar for dollar its not any better than Waffle House.  

Video Games - i get the allure for children and adolescents.  not so much for grown men and women.  go do something, preferably outside!!! 

Cats - i know there are cat people and dog people.  my sister is both.  that said, cats suck.  

Nirvana - I find them to be the 4th best band of the grunge era to come out of Seattle (behind Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains).  Probably the most overrated band of all time, along with Pink Floyd and The Doors.  

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