Brewers Series Preview, A Planetary Perspective.

Monday 9/20. Stay focused, slacker.

The Moon enters Pisces today, and will remain for the entire series. This allows for self doubt and laziness. One should combat the temptation for day-dreaming and focus that energy on the love of work.

Neptune is in a serene position today, providing our fish with not a care in the world. According to my passive eye, Pisces Arroyo and Chapman have excelled when Neptune is in stress, here is to hoping the opposite is not also true.

Mars comes around as a positive aspect just after midnight. Expect a growing ability to lead and the usual strength that comes with the power of Mars. Scott Rolen, Jay Bruce, and Jonny Gomes are our most notable, power oriented Martians, and I imagine they will make good contact today.

Tuesday 9/21. I am telling you, it's a good band name.

Chris Heisey and the Aquarians are in trouble again, as the sun is in opposition with Uranus and Jupiter. They may be prone to unexpected, or out-of-character actions, relationships could be strained, and they will be suffering from a feeling of not being themselves.

Venus brings love and selflessness to the Taurus and Libra today. Generally, when you feel loved, you are more at peace and are free to concentrate on the task at hand. Expect good work from our Venusians; Homer Bailey, Fransico Cordero, Miguel Ciaro, Sam LeCure, and especially, Drew Stubbs and Paul Janish.

Our Hero Joey Votto will come off as harsh and sarcastic today. Whether he applies his critical thinking to himself or his opponents with determine the outcome. Personally, I am betting on Joey.

Wednesday 9/22. Just in time.

The Sun enters Libra today. This will lead folks to a search for inner balance and perfection. It is easy to corporate right now, and to organize and accomplish complicated tasks. Expect Drew Stubbs and Paul Janish to shine especially early in this sign. Balance is exactly what this teams needs in the days ahead.

A note from The RR Astrology Desk:

Yes, it's a two-fer. Today I have to leave for my second job at Camp Zoe ( So I will be without internet all weekend. So I went ahead and wrote both of these. Don't worry about me, this is a fun gig, and I tune into AM radio at night to catch the scores. Have a good weekend!

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