Red Reposter - An Ignominious End for One of the All-Time Greats

Red Reposter Tosses Jazzy Jeff out the Front Door brought to you by Uncle Phil's spicy mustard.  Back at GABP by popular demand!  - 11thArthur Rhodes' ranking among all major league relievers in WPA.  Old man's WHIP is 0.66.  He's leaving opposing hitters looking absolutely ostheo-arthritic.  I know I scratched my head when Jocketty gave him a 2-year deal last off-season, but you gotta hand it both of them.  Jocketty made a smart move and Rhodes has been incredible.

  • Ken Griffey Jr, the bell tolls for thee
    The ballplayer I grew up imitating is singing his swan song and fans are aware of the importance of this final performance. Unfortunately, he just can't hit the high note anymore. Apparently the only note he can hit anymore is a low Z. When M's manager Don Wakamatsu was asked why Griffey wasn't used as a pinch hitter late in a game, he didn't have a direct answer. A few of his players did though. "He was asleep in the clubhouse," one player said. "He’d gone back about the fifth inning to get a jacket and didn’t come back. I went back in about the seventh inning – and he was in his chair, sound asleep."

    I'm not sure what to say to that.  HT to Diamond Hoggers.

  • Bronson Arroyo said he didn't have his best stuff last night
    But he only gave up 1 measly run in 7 strong innings. When Bryan Price came to talk to him in the 8th, Goodroyo was well aware of his own limitations. "I told him I was toast. In years' past, with the bullpen not being as strong, I probably would have kept the ball. But with Arthur (Rhodes) out there and lefties coming up, there's no point in me going after those guys, especially being as tired as I was." Goodroyo is probably one of my favorite players on this team. It's just a shame that Badroyo has to show up as often as he does.

  • Francisco Cordero is on pace to pitch in 93 games this season
    Dusty says they are keeping an eye on him. "He might go without one for a week or 10 days. We monitor it. We try not to have him go more than three games in the row." The Reds have played in a number of close games this year, and Dusty is going to have to start trusting more guys to handle those situations. The offense likely won't have many more 14-2 blowouts (that was AWESOME!!).

  • Brandon Phillips has been swinging John Henry's hammer since moving to the 2 spot in the lineup
    He has 6 multi-hit games in the past 10. "I've been the same guy from the beginning of the year," Phillips said. "I always have a slow April. I know last year I hit .180 or .188 in April. This year I've been doing a whole lot better and I'm very happy with the way I've been playing baseball. Nothing has really changed. I've been going up there and I'm just adjusting to the way they are pitching me and the ball is falling. I've been hitting a lot of balls right at people, and it's all about hit the ball where they're not."

  • C. Trent, God bless 'im, did the leg work and made a list
    of the at-bat music for most everyone on the team. This is something I'm sure we have all wondered about at one time or another, so it's really great to have it all here in one place.

    It appears Dusty Baker hasn't forgotten Chris Heisey after all. He will start either tonight or tomorrow. No word yet on whether or not he will let Paul Janish out of the box.

  • MLBTR lists a number of productive players who were once given the DFA
    We will always remember the Brandon Phillips trade, who was DFA'd by the Indians before they swapped him for minor league pitcher Jeff Stevens. It's just a reminder that one man's trash could be another man's treasure.

  • The Sporting News power rankings have the Reds up 7 spots to #14
    "The youngest member of the pitching staff and the oldest member of the pitching staff are leading the Reds so far. Rookie Mike Leake, who skipped the minors entirely, has a 3.10 ERA in six starts (Johnny Cueto is second on the staff at 5.18), and 40-year-old Arthur Rhodes has a 0.75 ERA and 0.667 WHIP in 13 appearances."

  • Bob Hertzel at Baseball Prospectus fondly remembers Sparky Anderson
    Good read:

    "It was one of those cold winter days that you get in Ohio, the wind blowing out from Cleveland, through Columbus and into Cincinnati, the memory on this day of a World Series lost to the Baltimore Orioles by the newly-christened Big Red Machine dimming with each passing day. It was one of those quiet days in the offices of the Cincinnati Enquirer, where everyone was waiting for 1970 to turn into 1971. The mail arrived in the department in the morning, but the reporters didn’t start to tumble in until mid-afternoon. It was the time of year when the Christmas cards would come in, this being in the days before computers, where cards actually made of paper and were hand-signed. One that arrived that afternoon had us all stumped though, for it carried warm Christmas greetings from George Anderson. George Anderson? Who the hell is George Anderson, we all thought? You know a George Anderson? No? We mused over the matter for about 30 minutes and couldn’t place him. Then, all of a sudden, someone said, "Hey, what’s Sparky’s first name?" And there it was."

  • Red Hot Mama wraps up her series on what she is looking for in a manager
    All 4 previous installments are linked in the above-linked post. They are:
    #1 Open Mindedness
    #2 Understanding How the Game is Played Nowadays
    #3 Having a Conditioning Plan
    #4 Buying in on the GM's Approach
    #5 Standing up to and for Your Guys

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