Red Reposter - The Lord of the ('90 World Series) Rings: The Return of the Larkin

Lark comes back to the Reds as a guest instructor after working in the Nats front office and on MLBNetwork. I reeeeeaaaaaally hope this turns into a long-term thing.
  • My Favorite Red Barry Larkin is in Reds camp as a guest instructor
    He'll be working with some of the young'uns for a 10-day stint.  "I have so many Reds uniforms at home," Larkin said. "I was looking at them before I came out here. I remember after I retired, I had a Nationals uniform with No. 11 - before Ryan Zimmerman was 11 - I couldn't put it on. It will be very comfortable putting the Reds uniform on." And it will be very good to see it again.

  • The Fay has a write-up on Chris Heisey
    Heisey is fighting for the LF spot and from Fay's indications, he has a decent shot at it. "I'm trying to get consistency to my swing, finding a swing I repeat every day," (Heisey) said. "I know when I'm going well I can hit at any level. But it's pretty obvious I struggle at times. I want to find that balance and a consistent swing. It's big to succeed." Quick! BK! Get Heisey the Swing Mechanic's email address!

  • Sheldon has some notes on yesterday's tilt with the Brewers
    Joey Votto had his first hit of the spring, a towering home run. "It was just a matter of time because Joey can hit," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. "It was nice for him to hit one on that bank over there." Johnny Cueto pitched 3 scoreless innings.

  • Aaron Miles should make his Reds' ST debut today
    He broke his finger on the 2nd and the swelling has gone down enough now that he can get to it. "The fracture was in a real good spot and [the doctor said] to go be as aggressive as I want," Miles said. "As long as I go out there and make the plays, I'm good to go. I can't hurt it more. It feels like I bruised my finger, that's all it feels like. Swinging isn't that bad. Throwing still gives me the most pain. You make five, six, seven throws a game." He's fighting Drew Sutton for the utility infielder role.

  • John Sickels at minorleagueball says how he would handle Aroldis Chapman and Stephen Strasburg
    He'd treat them both the same, which is to start them in AA. I think it's a very well-reasoned and rational approach and I hope the Reds do too.

  • Tom Singer at profiles Mike Leake
    He seems perfectly happy working in the imposing shadow of Aroldis Chapman. Leake made his debut Wednesday against the Angels and, as he puts it, "It was nice to face people I'd seen on television for a long time."

  • What's More Valuable: Owner's Money, Or A Money Player?
    It's a little more obvious in baseball, but I'll still leave you to ponder the question - who is more important, Bob Castellini or Aroldis Chapman?

  • The Sporting News' Stan McNeal previews the Reds season
    It's nothing new really, but still a good overview. Though I've seen Justin Lehr projected as the #5 starter by a number of guys, which I think is quite curious. Is there something I'm missing? I mean, Lehr is fine as a AAAA backup guy, but guys like Maloney and Owings are way better suited for the job. I guess we'll see, but I'm not comfortable with this development.

  • The Reds HOF is opening a new exhibit dedicated to the '90 World Series Champs
    The grand opening is on the 25th, and tickets are available until the 17th.  Chris Sabo will be there, as well as a few other unnamed players from the team. 
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