Reds V Cubs Position by Position

It was stated on here that the Reds and Cubs have a similar talent level.  So I just took a look at the Cubs and Reds depth chart listed at, and I have these results.

#1 Starting Pitcher: Harang V Zombrano.  It is Zombrano but both pitchers are in downward trends, I think they actually match up pretty evenly.  Slight edge Cubs.

#2 Pitcher: Arroyo V Lilly (Volquez is actually the Reds #2 pitcher), I guess an edge for the Cubs.  I feel more confident about what Lilly will do in 2010 than Arroyo. Edge Cubs

#4 Pitcher: Cueto V Dempster, this is difficult.  Based on experience Demptser has it, but he may fall back to Earth and Cueto may take off.  I'm giving the edge to the Cubs, but I wouldn't be shocked to see Dempster fall off and Cueto improve in 2010

#4 Pitcher : Bailey V Wells, This one I give to Baily.  Wells did a heckuva job last year, but I do not believe what he did was sustainable.

#5 pitchers: Chapman, Lehr, Maloney (keep in mind Wood isn't listed because he isn't on the 40 man roster) V Gorzelanny, Samardzia, and Silva.  This goes to the Reds.  The Reds just have more talent to fill the 5th spot in the rotation than the Cubs.  Bear in mind the Reds also have the likes of Owings and Lecure.  Edge towards the Reds

Closer: Marmol v Cordero, Cordero gets it hands down.  Marmol can be good, but he can let things get away in a hurry.  I'll take Coco any day of the week over Marmol, not that I wouldn't mind Marmol setting up Coco. Edge towards the Reds.

I don't feel like listing the rest of the Cubs and Reds, bullpen, but the Reds have an advantage.  There aren't too many question marks sitting in the Reds bullpen this season. So Reds edge

C Soto V Hanigan: Cubs, although who knows what the future holds for Soto.

1B: Votto V Lee: I give it to Votto, Lee is going to regress and Votto may continue to improve.  So edge Reds.

2B: Phillips V Fontenot, Huge advantage for the Reds.

3B: Rolen V Ramirez: Advantage Cubs.

SS: Cabrera V Theriot: Toss up.

LF: Soriano V TBA: Cubs

CF: Byrd V Stubbs: This one is difficult, because Byrd may continue to regress, and Stubbs has a lot of learning to do.  I'll give it to Byrd, but this is not a slam dunk.

RF: Bruce V Fukudome: Toss up, both have underperformed, and still have some things to figure out.


So by my count the Cubs 7 the Reds 5, but the Reds have more chances to improve while the Cubs may regress.  It seems like the Reds are in an upswing with youth, while the Cubs are old an expensive.  I'd rather be a Reds fan over the next 5 years than a Cubs fan. 

If anybody else would like, perhaps we could do a position by position comparison between the Reds and their other division rivals.

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