Red Repostseasoner - Remember the Hoosiers, June 30th, 2010, the Spirit of Cincinnatus and Play it Loud

BREAKING: Juan Francisco last one on roster STOP Edmonds not healthy enough play, seems STOP To Laynce Nix: I hope you daynce.

Is Roy Halladay a god or latter day saint (LDS) of some kind? Let's go to the tape
Jamie Ramsey calls on us to remember the events of Junethirtieth. Waiting for another miracle Jay Bruce home run is probably not a legitimate game strategy, but here's proof positive that the Roy the Greater can and has been beaten.

Official state news: "Extra off-days only make Chapman stronger"
Weakly grounding his fastball to shallow third just makes him angrier. One virtue of the extra, sandwiched offdays the Phillies opted for is that Chapman can reasonably be expected to pitch each of the first three games. Going four outs at least once is not out of the question either.

What does Life Goes On have to do with the Reds' playoff hopes?
I don't know, but here's a fun, non-boilerplate interview with everyone's favorite mustachioed, Twitter-using third-string catcher and Bull Durham figure, Corky "Romano, that movie Sucked" Miller. I really hope he stays in the org.

Dave Parker weighs in, likes the internet and Jonny Gomes
The Park would fit in well around here. Or maybe he's already in our midst. Riverfront86?

Aroldis Chapman's boyhood hero was Jose Contreras
Though not quite as intimate as Jay Bruce getting to play alongside Ken Griffey, Jr., this is the stuff of arch-boyhood fantasy.

Scott Rolen finished third in Mr. Basketball voting in high school (and other tales)
It's safe to say this Jasper, IN, native knows a little something about Hoosiers. Let's hope for a Hack-man in the locker room, not at the dish.

A potentially interesting look at the how each Red was aquired
The sordid, sexy origin stories for the Reds' 25-man playoff roster.

Cordero ready for "postseason feel"
Surely there must be a better way to say that. Any phrase that isn't easily preceded by "to cop a." The nature of the postseason - and this series in particular - is going to make the bullpen a much more important unit. Cordero still has the clamp-down on the ninth, which is also likely to present higher-leverage situations, as Dusty is more apt to use Cordero with a lead - and a four run cushion in the ninth is probably not walking through that door. As a percentage of relief innings, however, Bailey, Wood and Chapman will have more prominence.

Here's that ESPN Stats & Info Preview for the Reds-Phililes series you kept bothering me about
The projection model used gives the Phillies a 55.7% chance of taking the series. If you figure that the system didn't factor in things like prayer and "we deserve it," this thing is basically leaning Reds. The Phillies are running scared, but the Reds need to avoid getting overconfident, play the game like they know how and not look past this match up to the next around against the Giants or, you guessed it, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms...

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