The Cubs suck and are getting worse.......hilarity ensures

This post is dedicated to the Cubs, Jim Hendry, and the hilarity that is their offseason.  Let's do a quick recap....with commentary.

Let's start with their loses to free agency.

Rich Harden - a 1.8 WAR player while with 140 IP, worth 8.2 mil according to Fangraphs.  He's a Ranger now, and probably happy about not having to wear a effeminate (C) on jersey. 

Kevin Gregg - Hendry parted ways with a flamethrower prospect in Jose Ceda last year to obtain 1 year of Gregg.  Gregg had a -0.3 WAR while "closing" for the Cubbies with a 4.72 ERA.  How this guy was a Type A FA is beyond me.  It should be noted that Ceda had a shoulder injury last year, so the Cubs haven't actually "lost" this trade.........yet.

Reed Johnson - Who cares, but he probably was the only OF on the North side who knows how to play any defense. 

And now the fun begins.....Trades and signings.

Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva - Hendry signed Bradley to a 3 year/30 million deal last year while Adam Dunn was getting no love from anyone.  Given Dunn's 3.0 WAR ($13.4 mil) performance in Washington, you think Hendry wishes he had a mulligen on that one.  Lucky for him Bradley couldn't play the field and constantly got in fights with the fans and Sweet Lou all year.  Even though he was marginally productive, they traded him for a complete sunk cost in Carlos Silva.  Silva got his big payday from our now assistent GM (Bavasi) and has sucked ever since.  But at least they don't have that asshole Bradley anymore!

John Grabow - resigned to a 2 year 7.5 million dollar extention.  Really, that guy that played for the Pirates?

Marlon Byrd - 3 year / 15 million...what is it with the obsession with Rangers?  This signing isn't terrible, but I guess we'll see.

In summary this offseason the Cubs have lost Harden, Bradley and Gregg and gained Marlon Byrd.  Great job Hendry........Go Reds!

And just because I want to laugh some more lets look at a few long term contracts the Cubbies have.  How much you want to bet 2 of 4 of these guys is on the DL next year? 

Soriano through 2014 at 18 million a year

Zambrano through 2012 at ~18mil a year with a 2013 vesting option

Fukudome through 2011 at ~13 mil a year

Dempster though 2011 at ~13 mil a year

As rough as the Reds' outlook may be next season I think they will finish higher than the Cubs in the division.  Let's bring in the new year by bashing the Cubbies!  Discuss their horrible contract situations, incompetent GM, and their annoying fans.  Mads feel free to post pictures of hot Cubs fans, throughout.   

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